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May 23, 2022

Minister Campeanu backs new Education Law. Premier Ponta asks for stability

The preparatory class in kindergarten or double examinations at the end of the 8th grade are only two of the changes that could be brought to the Education Law. Minister Sorin Campeanu stated however that there will certainly be no national examination and admission examination.

There is however the possibility of reintroducing a new examination for high school students at the end of the 10th grade. Another disastrous Baccalaureate result could be prevented that way, the Education Minister says, claiming that a new law is absolutely necessary for education reform.

“I know, you will say this is the former second stage examination. Yes, I consider it welcome for the purpose of students having rhythmical preparation in order to no longer have the Baccalaureate results we currently have,” the Education Minister stated.

Likewise, the desire is to revert to the preparatory group in kindergarten and to examination at the end of the 8th grade, an examination on several subject matters with some parts of it taking place during the school year.

Victor Ponta however has warned the Education Minister not to hurry with the changing of the Education Law. “Don’t fall in the trap in which all ministers fell. We will come up with a new law when everyone agrees: Parliament, the Romanian President, trade unions, teachers, students, parents. I’ve seen agitation has started again because we are changing the law. I disagree with changing any education law before everyone sits down at the table, before it is thought-out on the long term, before we draft it like in Europe or America,” Victor Ponta stated during the government session.

In reply, Sorin Campeanu stated that there is an agreement that stipulates “the government’s obligation to promote a new education law,” an agreement signed by the government and trade unions and by Campeanu himself while he was president of the National Council of Rectors.

“I can confirm the unanimous request of 92 Romanian universities for a new education law,” the minister said at a press conference. We remind our readers that the agreement concerned is the one that Premier Victor Ponta signed with the education system’s trade unions a week before the first round of presidential elections last year, elections in which he was a candidate, an agreement that HotNews.ro presented exclusively. At the press conference, the minister said that the new law could include differentiated salary grids for professors and stated that he would like “this law to stimulate teachers to create textbooks.”

The talks between the two appeared after a new draft law put up for debate proposes several changes to the education system. The new draft law will not be adopted by assuming responsibility for it, Sorin Campeanu said, but will be filed to Parliament in its final form instead. The Education Minister offered assurances that this year students will follow the existing curricula.

The legislative act was launched for public debate where it will remain until the end of December at the earliest.


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