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June 26, 2022

PNL compares Ponta with Ceausescu: Liberals announce boycott, refuse to engage in any political act ‘in which Victor Ponta participates

PNL Co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga held a press conference at the PNL headquarters on Sunday, after Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, under criminal investigation, had announced that he was not going to resign office.

Alina Gorghiu spoke about ‘an unbelievable attack’ of the PM on the Romanian state, saying that he was simply ‘taking the Romanian state hostage’. She said her party would boycott all future actions initiated by Victor Ponta as well as ‘any political action in which the prime-minister participates’.

The PNL leader, who compared Victor Ponta with Nicolae Ceausescu, spoke of ‘the most serious political crisis since 1989’. Vasile Blaga shares her opinion, stating that Victor Ponta was the author of ‘unprecedented attacks on justice’, something no one dared do since 1989.

‘We do not expect him to resign, because that involves honour and dignity. If anyone still had any doubts, today they have been scattered away’, Gorghiu said. She added: ‘Victor Ponta is blowing up the credibility of Romania, also in the world, by not recognising the institutions of the Romanian state’.

‘Victor Ponta announced a few months ago that he would resign office should he become the subject of a criminal investigation. Not only has he not respected his commitment, but has locked himself up inside the palace together with his colleagues, something that reminds us of Nicolae Ceausescu. Victor Ponta is taking the Romanian state hostage and is the author of an irresponsible action of refusing to resign and clinging on to power. Victor Ponta has perpetrated an unbelievable attack on the Romanian state’, said the PNL leader.

‘We are in the most severe political crisis since 1989. We don’t believe that the obsession with power is going to end’, Gorghiu also said. She added that PNL’s position was to refuse to engage in any political act ‘in which Victor Ponta participates. Both Monday and Wednesday we will boycott any situation involving discussions with Victor Ponta. We need to send out a signal’.

‘Victor Ponta has launched unprecedented attacks on justice today. No one after 1989 has dared make such statements’, PNL Co-president Vasile Blaga said. ‘I don’t understand the solidarity of all PSD leaders – because there are some reliable people among them – with Victor Ponta’, Blaga also said.


PNL’s Blaga asks PM resignation and announces organisation of human chain around Parliament


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Vasile Blaga on Sunday asked again the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, announcing that, on the day of the debate on the censure motion, the Liberals will organise a human chain around the Palace of Parliament.

“PNL asks the immediate resignation of Victor Ponta. Democracy is encountered in one of its most difficult moments,” Blaga said in an extraordinary press conference held at the PNL headquarters.

He maintained that Victor Ponta launched on Sunday “unprecedented attacks on justice.”

“No one after 1989 has dared to make such statements in such a manner. Ponta equals his case to the case of Rarinca, his case to the case of President Klaus Iohannis, he pretends to forget that in the President’s case there was a civil law suit which he had won in a first stage and which he won all the way through. Ponta stands accused and not Klaus Iohannis of tax evasion, corruption, money laundering. Victor Ponta must resign because Romania is much more important than his person,” Blaga said.

The PNL leader maintained that in case Ponta is “armoured with documents then he has nothing to fear,” adding that he doesn’t understand the solidarity of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the ruling coalition leaders with him, as “he made a mockery of Romanians.”

“We, as decided the day before yesterday, the day we debate on the censure motion, shall make a human chain around Parliament and shall call the people of Bucharest to join us,” Blaga said, pointing out that other actions will also be organised in other cities.


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