PSD’s Plumb : ‘Victor Ponta should not resign’

The Social-Democrats defend Victor Ponta and accuse PNL of trying to unseat the Government in order to reinstate ‘the people who were members of Basescu’s mafia’ and who, since PSD came to power, ‘have been losing hundreds of million of euro’.

‘Victor Ponta should not resign in order to demonstrate his innocence afterwards because we know it very clearly that PNL is not interested if Victor Ponta is guilty or not, they are only interested in the political effect. There is a group of very potent people, all smart guys with an interest, who feel the access to resources is slipping away as the state is becoming stronger. They are people who belonged to Basescu’s mafia and who have looked for and found a new master. They feel they can no longer avoid paying taxes, that there is no more room for them on the energy market, that they can no longer exploit forests – they lose hundreds of million of euro every year because they cannot steal anymore. They want to pervert justice and the state in Romania’, Rovana Plumb, labour Minister in the Ponta Cabinet, said during a press conference held at the PSD headquarters in Sunday.

On the manner in which the party would manage the situation, Plumb said they would ‘try to keep the two levels separate – government, majority and political aspects on the one hand and the legal subject on the other hand’.

The minister also noted that she wasn’t worried that the majority around PSD would dismantle or that Ponta might be abandoned by his party.

‘Romanians voted for us in 2012 hoping they would live better and that is what w are going to do every day’, she said.

Asked if PSD would organise counter-rallies to the opposition’s protests, Rovana Plumb said no.

‘Protests and any form of manifestation are normal in a democratic society. PSD is not going to organise counter-protests, politics takes place in Parliament’, was Plumb’s conclusion.


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