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April 11, 2021

Victor Ponta at CEx: ‘Mr. Blaga and Mrs. Gorghiu want to set the country on fire’

Before his hearing in the Legal Committee, PM Victor Ponta attended the meeting of the PSD Executive Committee (CEx), where the other leaders of the ruling coalition parties were also present and stated their support for the premier.

PSD Vice-President and Minister of Transport Ioan Rus advised his colleagues to have trust in Parliament. ‘Let’s have faith in Parliament. The Parliament does and undoes governments, it will decide (…). From another perspective, 2015 being the last year when we absorb European funds from the 2007-2015 period, if this Government falls the economic loss will be huge and I don’t know who is ready to take responsibility for that’, Rus said.

Victor Ponta went to CEx accompanied by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, but also PLR leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu and PC President Daniel Constantin. The President of UNPR, Gabriel Oprea, came to the CEx meeting accompanied by Liviu Dragnea.

At the beginning of the meeting, the PSD President, Victor Ponta, asked all those present to say if they still endorsed the Government or not.

‘We want to live in a country where governments are replaced in legal and constitutional ways. In Parliament and not because of the wish of a prosecutor, because that would mean a coup. On Friday there is the no-confidence vote, it will be clear if there is a new majority or not. We all have the obligation to support an independent justice, mend things where there is abuse. It is about regular citizens. (…) I would like to make a call to responsibility on PDL-PNL. In a democracy, things are not sorted by force, in the street. If they bring 1,000, we can bring 10,000. If they bring 10,000, we can bring 100,000. Mr. Blaga and Mrs. Gorghiu want to set the country on fire. (…) I, too, can file a criminal complaint against them under the Criminal Code. Like in my case, they call them suspects and put them under investigation. We’ll see if they still like turning justice into politics. I am requesting your support for the government that you have supported and that must be pulled down because the governance goes too well’, Victor Ponta said.

“Yesterday it was just us, the coalition leaders to discuss the matter, but I think it was normal for all those present to determine whether the will still exists – and I think it does – to carry on with a good government and state this unequivocally: we want to live in a country where governments change only by legal and constitutional means, that is through elections or by a vote in Parliament. Not by a prosecutor’s action, not by other methods which would be a coup if applied, but only through constitutional methods. If support for this is in place, I am ready to carry on fighting at your side, to the end,” said Ponta.


” Unanimously, the PSD colleagues and coalition leaders want to continue the governing”


Prime minister Victor Ponta said on Monday that unanimously his colleagues with the National Executive Committee of the Social Democrat Party (CExN of the PSD) and the leaders of the ruling coalition have decided to further on and continue with the governing.

“Unanimously, not only the PSD colleagues, but all of the coalition leaders were here, the world, the people want us to continue a governing which probably is too good. I’ve noticed that there was someone who said that I’m guilty that the Government is doing its job and it is doing good things, and has to complete in the following two weeks some fundamental objectives: to endorse the Tax Code, the Transport Master Plan and the European programmes and to finalize the salary law. From these reasons and many others, a political crisis now, instability, row in the Parliament, early elections, I put it to you: who’s to win? Not Romania. Perhaps Russia has something to win or any enemy of Romania has something to win,” said Ponta, at the end of the CExN of the PSD.

He went on saying that in this period any fight among politicians would be a big mistake.

“We want to conclude our tenure and we ask the PDL – PNL to stop using the justice for political purposes,” the Prime minister added


Senate Speaker Tariceanu on Ponta case: Many could be driven to believe this is a coup attempt


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, leader of the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR), considers that the standoff having Premier Victor Ponta at the center can be considered “a coup attempt.”

“A dispassionate look from outside could lead many to the conclusion this is a coup attempt, because a coup means ousting a democratically elected regime through the State’s power institutions,” Tariceanu said on Monday in the Senate.

The Senate Speaker said it’s absurd to accuse the Premier of conflict of interest – in the context where he is suspected of having paved the way of his former business partner, lawyer Dan Sova, to the position of minister – invoking the mechanisms in force for the appointment of Government members. “In the first place, there are several filters inside the political parties, where the nominations are being discussed and voted on. Then, there’s the filter of Parliament, the most important one, of the body that casts the investiture vote, and finally there’s the President who signs the decree for the appointment in office.”

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu also reiterated the support of PLR representatives for the Premier, because this is “a case built in haste.”

“Yesterday I carefully followed certain elements in the presentation of the Premier, which have strengthened my belief that this is a hastily built case, that lacks substantiation. I want all of us to keep in mind what the head of the anti-corruption agency [DNA], Mrs Kovesi said, namely that it was by mere accident that DNA’s move took place concomitantly with the submission of the censure motion. And it’s by downright coincidence, Mrs. Kovesi tells us in all innocence, that last Tuesday, when the Senate rejected DNA’s request to have Mr. Sova remanded and put under pre-trial arrest, they decided to initiate proceedings against the Premier,” Tariceanu said.

He mentioned that his party was not invited to the Cotroceni Palace for consultations, presumably because PLR did not participate in the 2012 elections.


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