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November 27, 2021

Justice Minister Cazanciuc: Organization of some ‘illegal political manifestations’ could draw criminal liability

Justice minister, Robert Cazanciuc cautions the Liberals that the organization of some ‘illegal political manifestations’ in order to prevent the exercise of power by Parliament or Government, could draw the criminal liability.

‘As a Justice minister, I find it inadmissible and contrary to constitutional democratic practices that the PNL (National Liberal Party – editor’s note) uses a prosecutor’s procedural act to ask for the resignation of a legitimate government and create major political instability. It is against all commitments Romania has assumed with its European and transatlantic partners that the PNL uses justice to solve its lack of capacity to persuade the population and the members of the Parliament with a solid, coherent political programme, capable to help Romania, and in no manner to turn it back where it was in the years 2009-2011,’ said Cazanciuc, in a release sent to Agerpres.

This specification comes after the PNL co-chairperson, Vasile Blaga has asked the resignation of Prime minister Victor Ponta and announced that on the very day the no-confidence vote will take place, which is to be this Friday, the Liberals will organize a human chain around the Parliament Palace.


SocDem PM Ponta threatens with legal move against Liberal opposition


Prime Minister and Social Democrat leader Victor Ponta calls the Liberal opposition to show responsibility and not call for public rallies; otherwise, the Social Democrats could respond with legal charges or by bringing even more people to the streets.

“I think that in a democracy the issues are not settled in the streets, by force. I wouldn’t want us put in this position. I understood they [the Liberals] bring 1,000 people; we can bring 10,000. If they can bring 10,000, we can bring 100,000, but I think it would be the greatest mistake for Romania right now. So I am calling to the last bit of reason I hope [National Liberal Party co-chairs] Mr. [Vasile] Blaga and Mrs. [Alina] Gorghiu have – understand one cannot set ablaze a country, and we would notify the General Prosecutor of Romania with a denounce for criminal acts (…). Just like in my case, the General Prosecutor would pronounce them suspects and investigate them. And we’ll see then whether they still like making politics from the Judiciary. We can do this; I hope this is not the case,” Ponta told.


PNL’s Gorghiu about Cazanciuc: He should have resigned for targeting PNL in that press release


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairwoman Alina Gorghiu on Monday told the TVR 1 public television broadcaster that the Minister of Justice, Robert Cazanciuc, should resign from his office after writing a release in which he warned the Liberals they risked criminal sanctions in case they organised ‘illegal political manifestations.’

‘This is an extremely unpleasant surprise that the Minister of Justice, who is supposed to be concerned with the corruption in Romania, the justice-related component of the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification or the situation of the justice errors in Romania, to be concerned with things related to his capacity, takes time to write such dispatches in which he vents his anger at the opposition, and threatens that he will file criminal complaints against us, if we dare to protest in our capacity as Romanian citizens who have rights and liberties,’ the co-chairwoman of the PNL said.

Gorghiu replied thus to a press release in which the Minister of Justice drew attention of the Liberals that the organisation of ‘illegal political manifestations’ means an attempt to prevent the power from doing its job in Parliament or Government and it may attract criminal liability.

‘Mr. Minister Cazanciuc should have resigned before writing this release, if he knew he was going to write it or if someone forced him to do so. His behaviour in the past two days was absolutely special, to just put it this way. Yes, he should resign. However, when someone who is just a Minister of Justice and he just started his career as a politician sees that a Prime Minister, who is accused of you know what facts, who defies the constitutional order, the constitutional structure of the Romanian state, won’t resign, he would think: Then, why should I?” said Alina Gorghiu.


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