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January 21, 2022

Vanghelie writes to Ponta from jail

Former Bucharest District 5 Mayor and PSD member Marian Vanghelie, currently under preventive arrest, wrote an open letter to Premier Victor Ponta on Sunday, a letter published on his personal Facebook page.

In the letter, Marian Vanghelie asks Ponta not to sacrifice the party.

“The biggest and strongest political party in Romania is in danger of being beheaded. The Social Democrat Party is the party I have contributed to alongside hundreds of thousands of members, for the millions of Romanians that had and have confidence in the values of Social Democracy, for the millions of youths that want jobs, for the pensioners that hope for a dignified old age, for the doctors and professors that can no longer stand the humiliation of salaries of misery,” Marian Vanghelie wrote on Facebook.

Vanghelie advises the Premier to avoid any kind of agreement with Deputy Prime Minister and UNPR President Gabriel Oprea.

“I address both Victor Ponta, still president of this party, and all PSD members who are now going through a murky period that features fears for the future of this party for which we worked and in which we all believed.

Victor, this isn’t the first time I warn you that through your misalliance with General Oprea you are sacrificing your political destiny and with it that of the whole party. Both I and other party leaders are now under arrest because you allowed General Oprea to get his hands on the Romanian judiciary. Don’t forget that people like me, who built the party in the last 20 years, are sitting behind bars, while innocent, because they wanted to oppose this kind of politics!

Don’t forget that, irrespective of how innocent you are, I learned from this experience of preventive arrest that when there are no rules and when political morality is betrayed the innocents are still the ones who pay.

You know well that your indictment represents a major blow to the party that made you what you are, Prime Minister of the Romanian Government. I ask you and all those that have the power of decision in this party to be very careful about the next steps that have to be taken.

Any agreement with General Oprea will lead to the sacrificing of the party through the sacrificing of the innocents. General Oprea’s ilk is not interested in the Romanian nation and the Romanian state. He is interested in militarizing the Romanian political life and, through his tools in the judiciary, to destroy any democratic mechanism instituted in the last 25 years. (…) These days, General Oprea, through his loyal people spread in all state institutions surpasses by far the prerogatives of the offices he holds, interfering in the act of justice.

I believed and I believe in a fair Romanian judiciary. I believe in PSD and its devoted members. I believe in democracy and in good.

Victor, we both know that Romania’s qualified institutions, but also the international ones, know well who General Oprea is, what he did in the last 20 years and how he used the Romanian judiciary not for the “national interest” but for his own interest. That is why, I repeat: PSD, this great party, will suffer a historic defeat precisely because of the ill-fated agreement between you and General Oprea. Don’t forget that the party is the one that gives you strength, not General Oprea, and when somebody gives you a right he can also take it back from you.

We are the party, the ones who contributed to its construction and who were cast aside after our job was done, not General Oprea who through betrayals and backroom deals does nothing but climb on top of PSD!

Victor, the decision is yours,” Vanghelie wrote on Facebook.


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