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January 18, 2022

Cazanciuc’s resignation wanted within PSD

Some of the PSD leaders are dissatisfied with Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc’s latest performance. According to Senator Daniel Savu, Cazanciuc will allegedly be reshuffled next week, dcnews.ro informs.

Lower Chamber MP Catalin Radulescu along with Senator Daniel Savu, backed by other PSD leaders, demanded the resignation of Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc during PSD’s Executive Committee meeting. They are dissatisfied with the fact that the Justice Minister did not attend the Social-Democrats’ meeting after the Ponta scandal erupted, but also with the scandals surrounding the modification of the Penal Code and Penal Procedure Code.

PSD Senator Daniel Savu stated on Antena 3 that party leaders severely criticized the Justice Minister and asked the Premier to replace him.

“They all told Victor Ponta that all is not alright with Cazanciuc. I personally asked for his resignation. And I believe the Premier will replace Cazanciuc after the no-confidence motion,” Senator Daniel Savu stated.

Robert Cazanciuc, the husband of Ponta’s cousin, was appointed Justice Minister in April 2013.

On Monday, Robert Cazanciuc displayed the same level of vehemence shown by PSD leaders and endorsed the threats that Ponta and his party launched against the opposition and the citizens that want to protest against Ponta’s refusal to resign.

Shortly after the Executive Committee meeting started, Cazanciuc issued a communiqué bearing the party’s letterhead but signed by the Justice Minister:

“As Justice Minister I find it inadmissible and contrary to constitutional democratic practices for PNL to use a prosecutor’s procedural act in order to ask for the toppling of a legitimate government and to create major political instability.

It goes against the commitments taken by Romania before its European and transatlantic partners for PNL to use the judiciary in order to solve its inability to persuade the population and the members of Parliament through a solid, coherent political platform that would help Romania instead of sending it back to where it was in 2009-2011.

At the same time, I warn PNL leaders that organizing illegal political demonstrations in order to prevent the Parliament or Government from exercising their prerogatives may incur criminal responsibility.”

The communiqué came immediately after Ponta threatened PNL with filing a criminal complaint with the Romanian Attorney General because the Opposition allegedly instigates street protests.


Cazanciuc: I am good with myself, I definitely did my job


Minister of Justice, Robert Cazanciuc, on Tuesday stated that he “fully” complied with his job as Minister, while the judges, the prosecutors, lawyers or notaries can say whether his term in office was one supported by the system or not.

“I believe that we tried, including in political terms, to stay balanced enough so that we support all the initiatives that the system needs. Obviously, one cannot please everyone, for one cannot stop people from talking,” Cazanciuc said after he participated in the 20th Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services “Radicalisation and other strategic challenges.”

When asked by the press if he got “infuriated by the Liberals” Cazanciuc replied that, unfortunately, his statements were misunderstood, and that he only appealed to reason and pleaded for the legal proceedings to be respected.

“I would make a call to the leadership of the Opposition, particularly to those who have legal training, to not confuse things, since invoking the use of legal proceedings does not mean a threat and is quite sad to see that people who think of themselves that they are responsible in Romania use their ignorance related to the law as a political weapon. PNL uses an action of the prosecutors to request for the dismissal of the Government and, as I said yesterday, I think that this is contrary to the interests of Romania at the moment,” said the Minister of Justice.

He also said he did not believe the Government will fall and that he never considered resignation.

“I have never considered resignation issue, but if one single voice, such as Savu or Gorghiu, will ask for my resignation as Minister of Justice, I will definitely reflect on this, to see if my mandate so far was one that met the expectations of the system, the political class and the external partners. I don’t expect the Government to fall, but, unfortunately, I cans ay that betrayal is part of the everyday life,” said Cazanciuc.


PNL’s Gorghiu: Cazanciuc should resign


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairwoman Alina Gorghiu on Monday told the TVR 1 public television broadcaster that the Minister of Justice, Robert Cazanciuc, should resign from his office after writing a release in which he warned the Liberals they risked criminal sanctions in case they organised ‘illegal political manifestations.’

‘This is an extremely unpleasant surprise that the Minister of Justice, who is supposed to be concerned with the corruption in Romania, the justice-related component of the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification or the situation of the justice errors in Romania, to be concerned with things related to his capacity, takes time to write such dispatches in which he vents his anger at the opposition, and threatens that he will file criminal complaints against us, if we dare to protest in our capacity as Romanian citizens who have rights and liberties,’ the co-chairwoman of the PNL said.

Gorghiu replied thus to a press release in which the Minister of Justice drew attention of the Liberals that the organisation of ‘illegal political manifestations’ means an attempt to prevent the power from doing its job in Parliament or Government and it may attract criminal liability.

‘Mr. Minister Cazanciuc should have resigned before writing this release, if he knew he was going to write it or if someone forced him to do so. His behaviour in the past two days was absolutely special, to just put it this way. Yes, he should resign. However, when someone who is just a Minister of Justice and he just started his career as a politician sees that a Prime Minister, who is accused of you know what facts, who defies the constitutional order, the constitutional structure of the Romanian state, won’t resign, he would think: Then, why should I?” said Alina Gorghiu


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