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March 30, 2023

Conservative Party splits up, PPU-SL to be set up

The Conservative Party has split up into two parties, the old PC and the newly-born Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal (PPU-SL). Senator Alfred Laurentiu, who has already resigned from the Conservative Party, publicly announced the creation of the new party, stiripesurse.ro informs.

“On Friday I notified the Conservative Party leadership of my resignation. In my opinion, at this moment this party has lost its identity,” Alfred Laurentiu stated.

“On Monday, June 8, the documentation needed to set up the Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal was filed at the Bucharest Court. PPU-SL is a new party, founded by young people who believe in and back the humanist doctrine founded by professor Dan Voiculescu in 1992, but also by important PC leaders.

The humanist doctrine suits the times and the Romanian people, being the only one that can credibly and consistently lead to a fundamental change. This doctrine offers theoretical and practical guidelines for solving the major contradictions seen in contemporary society.

The essence of the humanist doctrine is that human nature stands at the basis of all things.

PPU-SL was born from the Romanian citizens’ need to find their bearings, from a doctrinal and organizational point of view, in a strong centre party addressed to the middle class, to the Romanians that in recent years suffered silently, lost, were played off against each other, were humiliated and sacrificed.

This party is for the middle class, whether we are talking about professors, doctors, civil servants, policemen, entrepreneurs or pensioners, all those that have proven that they are capable of being their own masters.

PPU-SL plans to develop the middle class in Romania and to promote local capital.

To an equal extent, PPU-SL seeks to rediscover values so that the human value criterion would be the means of selection in society and in politics as well.

According to the statute, all those who join the PPU-SL by the time of the first party congress will be its founding members.

Hundreds of person from all over the country have expressed their support for PPU-SL and have sent lists with signatures in support of it being set up.

The first PPU-SL congress will take place in November 2015 and will decide the party’s leadership for the next 4 years.

PPU-SL will be led, until the first congress, by the Initiative Committee that includes the four founding members that signed the founding acts,” the communiqué signed by PPU-SL’s Initiative Committee reads.


Voiculescu admits he is behind the new party


Conservative Party (PC) Founding President Dan Voiculescu (photo) , currently in jail after he was sentenced in the case concerning the illegal privatization of the Food Research Institute, admits he is behind the new PPU-SL party. In a posting on his personal blog he talks about the virtue of the humanist doctrine and about the “group of young people” that have filed the registration request at the Bucharest Court.

“Today, a group of young people filed at the Bucharest Court the request to have the Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal (PPU-SL) registered,” Voiculescu wrote on his personal blog on Monday.

“The party is taking over the humanist doctrine founded by me in 1992, which recognizes the human being’s dignity, value and possibilities of perfection. The humanist doctrine was the result of the analysis of the capitalist and socialist systems and its conclusion was that both have a major shortcoming: they disregard human nature.

People react based on fear or interest, people are different, with their qualities and defects, people know no limits in attaining their interest and are far too little preoccupied with the interests of society. Sad, but true!

Romania is rudderless. Capitalism and socialism are compromised:

They both have been invalidated by life (see the repeated attempts to adapt);

They both lack ideological basis through the disappearance of the antagonism between capital and the working class;

Both disregarded human nature when devising their doctrinal principles.

The humanist doctrine changes the employer – employee, financial capital – human capital, individual-society equations (all being generally treated as opposites) into a harmonious triad: capital – initiative (with its risk component) – labour.

History will validate or invalidate the validity of this doctrine I dubbed “the fourth way,” Voiculescu wrote.


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