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June 26, 2022

Parliament Speakers write letter to foreign ambassadors: Opposition pushes to overthrow a legitimate government, uses judiciary as tool

The two Speakers of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, Valeriu Zgonea and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, respectively, assert in a letter to the foreign ambassadors accredited to Bucharest that the current Opposition is attempting to push “the overthrowing of a legitimate government” by using the judiciary as “a tool” to take over power, Agerpres informs

According to the above-mentioned letter, they say that “We address this important message to you in our position as presidents of the two chambers of the Romanian parliament, as well as leaders of the governing coalition in Romania, and wish to point out a crucial series of events taking place in Romania now. The Opposition is attempting to overthrow a legitimate government, supported by a legitimate parliamentary majority, using as pretext a judicial case, and thus endangering not only Romania’s stability, in an increasingly agitated region, but also Romania’s democracy, 25 years after the fall of communism.

“The Opposition has launched a war against the current constitutional order in Romania. They are attempting to seize total control of Romania and project the country in deep crisis, by asking for early elections – despite a solid parliamentary majority ensured by a wide coalition which includes social-democratic, liberal, progressive and conservative forces. They are boycotting Parliament and trying to generate and use illegal street protests in order to create pressure, and push Romania into chaos.

Since general elections took place in 2012, resulting in the current parliamentary configuration and expressed in the current governmental formula, the only democratic way the government can be changed is a motion of no confidence in Parliament. Such a motion was registered in Parliament last Friday by PNL (main opposition party), but such a motion has very weak chances of being supported by enough MPs. Coincidentally, on the very same day, Prime Minister Victor Ponta was publicly accused by DNA of wrongdoings occurring in 2007-2008, amounting to an alleged prejudice of 10.000 euros, for alleged facts which would already be past their period of prescription. The Prime Minister has been charged by the prosecutors before being granted a hearing or a chance to offer his explanation to the accusations!

“Today, the Chamber of Deputies, lawfully and constitutionally asked to pronounce on this matter, voted with a large majority against the request of DNA. We firmly believe that this judicial case must not be given a political meaning. Regarding the case, the Prime Minister has stated that he would fully cooperate with the prosecutors and there would be no obstructions whatsoever. What the Chamber of Deputies has opposed was the transformation of PM’s file into a pretext for a grave crisis, by political forces of the opposition.

“It is against the commitments assumed by Romania in front of its European and transatlantic partners for PNL to use the judicial system to solve its incapacity to convince both the population and members of Parliament with a coherent political program.

“What is at stake here? Not the Prime Minister’s person – who can and will undoubtedly prove his innocence, if he is allowed to do so. The danger here is the undemocratic destruction of the current government and parliamentary majority, with the only purpose of granting access to power to the current Opposition members.

“Today Romania is an anchor of stability in a very troubled region. Together we have managed not only to overcome the economic crisis, but ensure economic growth for the 3rd consecutive year – at this point, the highest rate in Europe. The judicial system is independent and has never been more active as during the last 3 years. The fight against corruption is strengthened, as well as the national security in the regional context. The Opposition is threatening to destroy Romania’s recent progress by forceful, undemocratic and illegitimate methods and use the judicial system as a tool in their attempt to seize power in Romania.

The only beneficiaries of this chaos are those interested in generating instability in this region, so troubled by the situation in Ukraine.

“We as representatives of the legitimate majority elected by the Romanian people through free and democratic elections, are deeply worried that a few leaders’ quest for absolute power might endanger decades of democratic progress and especially last years’ giant steps towards a more prosperous and just society, with full respect of the rule of law,” concludes the letter.

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