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December 9, 2021

Romania becomes natural gas exporter

  • Since April, natural gas imports no longer necessary to cover internal consumption * Romania currently exports over 443 million cubic meters of natural gas


According to data from Transgaz, the national company that manages the transmission of natural gas through the internal pipeline network that measures over 13,000 kilometres, Romania has not imported natural gas since March. Moreover, our country has become an exporter of natural gas, at a level of over 440 million cubic meters per month. According to Transgaz, in February Romania needed 16.067 billion cubic meters of natural gas, internal production covering 9.361 billion cubic meters and imports 250 million cubic meters of natural gas. According to the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), natural gas imports represented 3.5 per cent of total needs.

In March the imports established by ANRE stood at only 2 per cent of total internal needs, the latter totalling 14.779 billion cubic meters, of which 10.336 billion cubic meters were covered from internal production and 4.4 billion cubic meters from underground storage sites.

Since April, Romania’s natural gas consumption needs have been fully covered from internal production. Thus, in April consumption needs totalled 10.666 billion cubic meters, of which 10.478 billion cubic meters were covered from internal production and there was no longer need for imports.

In the same month, Romania exported to regional non-EU member states approximately 101 million cubic meters of natural gas. In May, the volume of natural gas exports to non-EU states stood at 443 million cubic meters. The same quantity has been scheduled for June.

The elimination of natural gas imports is an important indicator that points to Romania’s internal independence from this point of view. Of course, one has to take into account the fall in internal consumption, which went from approximately 15-17 billion cubic meters 7 or 8 years ago to approximately 11 billion cubic meters, a level at which internal consumption seems to have stabilized at present.

Hence, from April to June Romania no longer needed natural gas imports, her internal production and stored natural gas being sufficient to cover internal demand.

This is a unique situation in recent years and shows the steep drop in natural gas imports, from a share of 30 per cent in internal consumption in 2007 to almost 0 per cent in 2015.

2015 thus becomes the first year in which , if the drop in demand continues, Romania may no longer need natural gas imports to cover internal consumption.



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