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November 26, 2022

Day of fire in Parliament on Friday: No-confidence vote against Ponta Government, many MPs to abstain from voting

Day of fire in Parliament on Friday. The MPs will have the opportunity to vote for or against the censure motion introduced by PNL against the Ponta Government, but will also abstain from voting. The latter seems to be the solution preferred by many MPs, following the strategies developed by their parties.

The motion was signed by a total of 183 MPs – 12 from PSRO and two from the democrat group, the rest being all PNL deputies and senators. The motion, the debates on which are set to begin at 10 am, is called ‘Victor Ponta – dismissed for excess of power by blocking election. The right to vote is no slogan!’

The motion explains how Ponta wanted to become president of the country ‘by deliberately sabotaging Romanians in the Diaspora’ at the presidential election last year and that ‘it is time he admitted to that and quit power’.

Based on Realitatea TV calculations, 278 of the 554 MPs would need to be in favour for the motion to be adopted.


PSD MPs decide not to vote


The PSD MPs will be present on Friday during the no-confidence vote introduced by PNL against the Government, but will not vote as it is the job of the opposition to get the necessary votes, the President of the National Council of PSD, Rovana Plumb says.

Out of respect for Parliament, PSD will be in the hall, but will not vote. It is the job of the opposition to get the necessary number of votes’, Plumb told Mediafax.

The labour minister also said the option in the case of the motion was very clear to all the PSD MPs. ‘It cannot be considered’, as it lads to political instability. Asked if PSD would vote in open sight, Plumb said ‘a no-confidence vote in Parliament uses balls’.

PSD has also issued a press release where Rovana Plumb points out that the opposition is supposed to gather the votes it needs for the motion and that PSD’s opinion is clear – the opposition’s action cannot be considered, as it ‘only generates chaos and political instability’.


Gabriel Oprea, UNPR: ‘I believe we will not leave our benches’


UNPR MPs will not vote in any way tomorrow, party President and Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea said on Adevarul Live on Thursday. He explained that, ‘in a ruling coalition, I have my word and I think it is a good government. One has to be together for better and for worse’.

‘What will I do about the no-confidence vote tomorrow? I have already said that. I am a reliable person, I am in a ruling coalition, I gave my word and I believe it is a good government. I believe we will not leave our benches. I remember 2012, when there was a five=vote difference. If two MPs had had a cold, the Government could have fallen. Now it’s different, we are no longer in the 2012 situation’, Gabriel Oprea said.

PM Victor Ponta on Wednesday called upon the ministers in his cabinet to continue to do their jobs as the no-confidence vote on Friday would be ‘unsuccessful’.

‘I am absolutely convinced that, on Friday, during the no-confidence vote, the political battle will be just in Parliament’, the prime-minister said. ‘Anyway, I am going to ask you to be present for the no-confidence vote, it is a normal thing, it is the right of Parliament and opposition to initiate it. You know very well that it’s not going to be adopted, which means that we should keep doing our jobs in the same way beginning with next week’, Ponta told the ministers during the Cabinet meeting.


Kelemen Hunor: ‘UDMR will not vote against censure motion’


UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said on Thursday, just a day before the no-confidence vote, that the MPs of the Union would not vote against, as the opposition had not enough votes to pull down the Ponta Government.

‘We, the opposition, will not have enough votes and this we know, it’s mathematics, we have not enough votes to pull down the Government’, the UDMR leader told RFI.

On the other hand, the UDMR leader believes the sanctioning and criticizing of the Government ‘must and can be done’, but not because the distance voting, ‘because the Parliament, not the Government, should have prepared and adopted that law’.

Kelemen Hunor also said the UDMR MPs would not vote against the motion, although he does not exclude that there might be some members who will vote for the motion.

‘Some will probably vote for the motion, others will abstain, this is left to the discretion of each of the members of our groups. If together with PNL we had had the number of votes needed to change the Government, we would have not hesitated for a moment to go, even if we didn’t agree on certain subjects in the censure motion, towards a negative vote and a new majority. But, un\fortunately, we are over 58 votes short to change the Executive at this time’, Hunor explained.

Asked if the missing votes could come from some of the Mps of the ruling parties, the UDMR leader said: ‘That’s excluded! I know my colleagues, they will manage this situation as we managed it when we were to power. We invented a way of managing such situations and they have taken it over. We would not vote at all. That was during the Boc Government. We were there for the quorum, but we would not vote in any way. That was the invention of the coalition at that time’.


Vasile Blaga, PNL: ‘If we look at parliamentary mathematics, I would say the chance is slim’


PNL co-president Vasile Blaga said on Tuesday that, looking at ‘parliamentary mathematics’, the chance is slim that the no-confidence vote may be successful. On the other hand, Blaga counts on ‘the good faith of some people from PSD and UNPR to their electorate’.

In an interview for Gandul Live, Vasile Blaga was asked what was the chance for the motion to be adopted by Parliament, mathematically speaking.

‘If we look at parliamentary mathematics, I would say the chance is slim. On the other hand, we still count on the good faith and especially the good faith towards their own electorate of some of the PSD and UNPR MPs. And we have Mr. Geoana’s party on our side, with the number of MPs that it ahs. Mr. Fenechiu and his group signed the motion, today I have seen the nuanced position of UDMR, who said their MPs will vote according to their free will. We’ll see’, said Blaga.

The PNL Co-president was also asked if he had talked to the leader of UNPR, Gabriel Oprea, about the no-confidence vote.

‘I did and his answer was the one he gave publicly – he continues to support Victor Ponta’, Blaga said.

He noted that he had seen Oprea’s position over the time – he has always supported the government in which he was a member.

On Monday, PNL Senator Viorel Badea read out the motion Victor Ponta – dismissed for excess of power by blocking election. The right to vote is no slogan!’ in Parliament. The debate and vote will take place Friday from 10 am.

The leader of the PNL MPs in the Chamber of Deputies, Ludovic Orban, said PNL had not yet received UDMR’s position on the no-confidence vote. ‘We don’t have UDMR’s point of view yet. We conduct individual negotiations with PSD, UNPR, PC and PLR MPs’.


PSD and PNL cancel protests on the no-confidence vote day


Following PNL’s decision on Wednesday to cancel the rally it had planned at the Parliament Palace on the day of the no-confidence vote against the Victor Ponta Government, PSD made the announcement on Thursday that its counter-rally in support of the Government had also been cancelled, according to Digi24.

‘I will talk to all my colleagues in the coalition and will propose that we should also postpone our rally, scheduled for tomorrow in the Izvor Park! I thank you for your solidarity, but the main arguments and support for the Government tomorrow will be its very own economic and social results in the last 3 years!’ said PM Victor Ponta on a social media network.

PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu has announced that the human chain around the Palace of Parliament had been cancelled as advised by the old PNL Honorary President, Mircea Ionescu Quintus, and stressed that PSD’s counter-demonstration would be left without an object in that way.

Asked if PSD was still holding its rally at the Parliament Palace on Friday, in support of the Ponta Government, the party deputy secretary general said it had been cancelled.

However, PNL says they are making arrangements for a big rally in Bucharest this month. ‘W will hold a big rally in June, and we are asking Oprescu and PSD not to hold a counter-rally. We will determine that. It is about how Ponta and PSD understand they should protest, exactly like in 1990. We are not taking a single step back, Mr. Ponta is threatening us with criminal complaints before the prosecutors’, Vasile Blaga said.




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