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August 14, 2022

Oleg Malginov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bucharest: “Despite the occasional disagreements, together we can gradually bring the Russian-Romanian relations to a higher level”


The Day of Russia, 12th of June, is one of the youngest holidays in our country. This year we celebrate 25 years of adoption of Declaration on State Sovereignty of Russia that opened a new page of our country’s thousand-years-long history. This act marked a different phase of Russian statehood. At that time, our country took a road to formation of democracy, a hard thorny path of radical transformation of system of government and state administration.

Not everything was coming easy, not all the problems have been solved. However, the country is steadily advancing on the democratic way. The socially-oriented economy is developing. The quality of life of the multinational Russia is changing. In this period, so short in historical terms, the joint efforts of the citizens of our country created a solid ground for its positive progressive motion.

In spite of the consequences of global financial crises of 1990s and 2000s, the decrease of global prices on energy resources and the introduction of sectorial anti-Russian sanctions by a number of Western countries, our country’s economy has resisted. Against this background as a result of the last year GDP of the Russian Federation increased by 0.6%, and reached the point of almost 71 trillion of rubles. We still have a low-level national debt – 14.5% of GDP, the federal budget deficit remains on an economically safe level of less than 0.5% of GDP. Last year we reaped a rich corn crop – 13% more than in 2013 year. We built 81 million square meters of housing – more than in the record year, 1987. Substantial gold reserves together with the Emergency Fund and the National Wealth Fund still act as safety mechanisms.

Russia is a socially-oriented country. Therefore, in spite of the difficulties that the Russian economy faced up to during the last years, the country’s authorities did not renounced their social obligations to the citizens and fulfil them completely. Social stability is one of the most important recent achievements. During the last years the level of unemployment in our country was the lowest in Europe, while in 2014 year it decreased to a historic rate of 5.2%.

I would like to mention perhaps the most important success of the recent period – the situation in demography. Last year natural population growth doubled the index of 2013. Nearly 2 million children were born last year. If the birth rate of a country is rising, this country has a future.

Our today’s duty, the task of our development, the objective of a new Russia is to create conditions for a full-fledged implementation of everyone’s talent. We are not going to turn from the path chosen by Russia, nor to renounce democratic reforms, socially-oriented market economy, rising living standards of all classes of population. The joint efforts of authorities, business and civil society, of all Russians, are creating a prosperous Russian state.

The role and the place of Russia in global politics of the 21st century are of big importance for the successful development. Today, Russia is a consistent conductor of the concept of multipolarity in global politics. We assume that the current architecture of the international relations should be built by collective efforts, on the basis of an open and equal dialogue, taking into consideration existing points of view. We call for the creation of a single and indivisible security space in Europe. We call upon our partners to abandon the creation of artificial dividing lines as well as the policies on fencing in Russia.

Moreover, in international affairs Russia seeks to promote the activation of collective international efforts to resist global challenges and threats, as well as to use various forms of multilateral diplomacy, including the SCO and BRICS summits to be held this July in Ufa.

Signing of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union, which began its full-scale activity on 1st January 2015, was a major step in promotion of the integration in post-Soviet space. We proceed from the openness of these processes to the accession of other states, primarily the CIS countries.

For Russia, Romania is an important international partner, a fact that can be proved by a sustainable development of trade and economic relations, cooperation in humanitarian and other fields. The trade turnover between our countries is quite stable. Last year it amounted to about $5 billion, to be noted that by the end of 2014 there was registered a record number of Romanian export to Russia – a little less than $2 billion.

The activity of the Russian Center of Science and Culture opened in Bucharest this May will make a valuable contribution to promoting and expanding cultural and humanitarian ties between the two countries. Besides that, in May, Moscow hosted political consultations on the level of foreign ministries. The sides reaffirmed their focus on further development of the dialogue between the two countries.

This year we celebrated one of the most important dates in the history of modern world – the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. On this occasion commemorative celebrations were held both in Russia and all over the world. The Embassy of Russia to Romania organised festivities, too. The Embassy presented jubilee medals “70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” to about 20 Romanian participants of the anti-Hitler coalition. On the eve of the holiday, the representatives of our Embassy and of a number of Embassies of other countries laid flowers to the graves of Soviet heroes in approximately 40 Romanian localities, and everywhere we met full understanding, solidarity and support. We are thankful to the Romanian authorities – central, regional, and local – for the work carried out to keep the memory. We must not weaken our efforts to keep the memory of those who gave their lives for the sake of the world peace.

I am convinced that, despite the occasional disagreements, together we can gradually bring the Russian-Romanian relations to a higher level that corresponds to the interests of the people of two countries. We are open to a broad cooperation with Romania.

The Day of Russia is a celebration for every citizen, for every family of our multinational country, and we value the achievements of recent years highly. I would like to sincerely congratulate all Russians, all compatriots living in Romania, all our friends on the Day of Russia!



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