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January 25, 2022

Prime minister Ponta accepts Transports minister Rus resignation

Prime minister Victor Ponta has accepted on Thursday the resignation of the Transports minister Ioan Rus.

“I regret the situation generated by the statements of Mr. Ioan Rus! He has assumed responsibility and filed his resignation from minister! I have accepted his resignation and next week we’ll discuss about this portfolio’s replacement!” Ponta wrote on his Facebook page, shortly after a talk he has had with minister Ioan Rus at the Victoria Palace.

Several political leaders have asked on Thursday the resignation of minister Ioan Rus for a series of statements he made to a private television about the Romanians from abroad and their families.

The Minister of Transport, PSD Vice-President Ioan Rus, made a statement live on Digi24 TV on Wednesday about the Romanians who work abroad, that scandalised the public opinion.

‘Romania has 3 M people, let’s say, active labour force in the West at this moment. About 1 M of those are iron workers, reinforcing iron workers and so on. They work in the construction business, they build motorways in Europe. Maybe they have 1,500 euro salary. I’m going to be very straight about this – for the sake of that money, the children become hooligans at home and the wife becomes a whore. For 700 euro, half of them would come home’, said Minister Rus.

Moreover, the minister said he would like for Romanians abroad to return to the country to work on the new motorway worksites which are now on paper.

Rus made the statement two days before the no-confidence vote against the Government the subject of which was the standee voting, mainly referring to the conditions in which Romanians based abroad voted in the November 2014 election.


‘It was an artistic generalisation, a licence’


On Thursday, Minister Rus issued a communiqué apologising for offending Romanians in the Diaspora, according to Antena 3 TV. He explained that he had adopted a stylistic expression in what he said about the children and wives of Romanians working abroad.

‘With the statement Minister Ioan Rus made during the Evening News show on Digi 24 TV on the return of Romanians who work abroad, he wanted to raise attention to a tough reality in Romania today. As a matter of fact, the minister said during the same programme that his phrasing was ‘an artistic generalisation, a licence’, the release notes.

The minister apologises for offending anyone with his chosen manner of expression, but his intentions were to raise a severe situation in which many Romanian families are, without meaning to offend them, actually feeling sorry for them’, the document also says.

‘The minister did not intend to hurt in any way the dignity of any person with his statements, he just wanted to raise awareness to the big price thousands of Romanians who shoes to work abroad are now paying. He also wished to tell them that, in the near future, many could find jobs in Romania, where skilled labour force would be needed n constructions, when the infrastructure projects under the General Transport Master Plan begin’, the release states in the end.


PNL Diaspora spokesman Ovidiu Raetchi: ‘Unable to mind his business and build motorways, he is trying to hide his incompetence’


PNL Diaspora spokesman Ovidiu Raetchi says Ioan Rus ‘aggrieved Romanians in the Diaspora in a hallucinating manner’ and urges him ‘to resign at the same time as PM Ponta’.

‘Without any further debate, Ioan Rus has to urgently step down from his public office and present public apologies for the stupefying assertion that he made. Unable to mind his business and build motorways, he is trying to hide his incompetence and offends Romanians in the Diaspora. Romanians who go abroad order to work have to do that because the Ponta Government and, implicitly, Minister Ioan Rus are incapable to give them the necessary conditions for a decent job to provide for their family’, Raetchi also says.

‘The aberrations the whole Ponta Government has done and said about Romanians abroad will be harshly punished by the voters and the MPs, regardless of party, have the duty to vote for the censure motion on Friday. The theme, as you know, is the distance voting allowed to Romanians who live and work in other countries, a minimal sign of respect we should show them’, the PNL MP further notes in the release he issued.

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