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May 15, 2021

Second edition of Black Sea Docs competition, this year at Pelicam

The stories of people living on the shores of the Black Sea, the place where nature has a strong imprint on the life of communities, are brought to Tulcea in the Black Sea Docs competition at Pelicam, an international film festival that will take place on June 11-14.

The documentaries will be presented for the first time in Romania and will be assessed by an international jury. Peter O’Brien, member of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Film Festival in Washington D.C. will come to Tulcea in order to be a member of the jury. The Washington D.C. Environmental Film Festival has been a landmark in this domain since 1993. Alongside Pelicam, it is a member of the Green Film Network and registered the performance of showcasing 150 environmental films to an audience of 33,000 people at its 2015 edition. Photojournalist Petrut Calinescu and film director Dan Curean will join Peter on the panel. Petrut Calinescu is a connoisseur of Black Sea riparian countries which he toured in search of stories as part of his “The Black Sea” photo project. Film and television director Dan Curean is the author of “Gone Wild” (2012), a film presented at the first edition of the Pelicam festival and at this year’s International Environmental Film Festival in Washington D.C.

This year Pelicam will feature for the first time a live radio broadcast for a foreign radio station. Swiss environmental journalist Adrien Zerbini will host a live radio show focusing on the Pelicam festival, on Radio Suisse Romande. The broadcast will be part of the “Prise de Terre” show, a landmark environmental show in Switzerland, will last one hour and will feature the guests of the festival who will talk about environmental documentaries but also about the importance of the film in making the public aware of environment protection issues from the Danube Delta region.




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