PNL’s Gorghiu: Another censure motion against illegitimate Government will succeed this autumn

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-Chair Alina Gorghiu says the rejection of the censure motion on Friday proves the disrespect and defiance of PM Victor Ponta and his colleagues of the Social Democrat Party (PSD). She asserts PNL will try again this autumn, when another censure motion would definitely succeed.

“It’s a result that means a lot from our point of view. It means the lack of respect and the defiance of Ponta and of his colleagues of the PSD to Romanians in the country and abroad, who unfortunately will be unable to exert their right to vote, as stipulated in the Constitution. (…) There’s no problem whatsoever, Ponta will leave. He didn’t leave today – he will leave tomorrow [or] the following days. The end of his career is clear; it is expected, and I confess we will not sit on our hands, even if our censure motion was unsuccessful today; a censure motion against the illegitimate government this autumn will definitely be successful,” Gorghiu declared on Friday.

The debate in the Parliament, although failing to overthrow Ponta’s government, represented “very strong” alarm signal, she added.

“You will see the vote by correspondence becoming a reality. Ponta will fall very shortly, because he has no other option; and we of the PNL will promulgate this law, giving Romanians the possibility of voting wherever they are,” Gorghiu  claimed, according to Agerpres.

She mentioned that no decision has been made so far about another censure motion, and that she and PNL Co-Chair Vasile Blaga will bring forth the matter in the party’s leadership meeting. “I assure you the autumn will mean a new censure motion from the PNL. We are an opposition party and our categorical option is to remove a toxic government for Romania,” she concluded.


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