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June 22, 2021

Celebrating 135 years of U.S. – Romanian Diplomatic Relations

On June 14, the United States and Romania celebrate 135 years of diplomatic relations. The world has changed dramatically in that time. Many diplomats from both countries have worked hard throughout the years to maintain, build and strengthen our relationship. We now benefit from the fruits of their labor with a flourishing strategic partnership, a release of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest shows.

“At the core of our partnership are the transatlantic values that the United States and Romania share. We want all Romanians to live in peace and security, protected by the rule of law, enabled to thrive economically and positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the increasingly globalized world in which we live. On all these fronts transparency, stability and predictability are the key to realizing Romania’s potential and increasing prosperity for all. Our strategic partnership also undergirds our common values as NATO allies,” the press release maintains.

In addition, it underlines that “commitment to one another within NATO continues to deepen”.

“As we move into the next 135 years and beyond we look forward to working with Romania to build a world class economy, where entrepreneurship and individual accomplishment are celebrated and drive economic growth. We intend to maintain one of the finest military partnerships in the world today, continuing to work side by side to promote freedom and defend against regional and global threats. We will cooperate to ensure that rule of law means equal justice under the law for everyone and that both our countries are protected from the scourge of transnational crime and terrorism. Finally, we will explore every opportunity to unite our people in support of our common goals and deepening friendship. By doing these things, we will together reinforce that we will never compromise the values on which our alliance and our bilateral strategic partnership were founded. It is our collective duty to guarantee that these ideas and institutions are protected, strengthened and preserved not only now and for the next 135 years, but for all future generations,” the U>S> Embassy concludes in its message.


Ponta: Romania has in U.S. strategic ally, reliable partner and true friend


Prime Minister Victor Ponta welcomed, on Sunday, the marking of 135 years of diplomatic relations with the United States, pointing out that Romania and its citizens have in the United States “a strategic ally, a reliable partner and a true friend.”

“Romania and its citizens have in the United States and in the American nation a strategic ally, a reliable partner and a true friend.

We appreciate the consistent support and the United States’ valuable contribution to the irreversible transformation, modernization and the democratic transformation of Romania as a strategic partner and a respected member of the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union,” Ponta said in a Government’s release issued on Sunday for Agerpres.

The prime minister added that the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States, anchored in the common values, principles and interests, including on the commitment to ensure the national and allied security, represents “a defining dimension of Romania’s foreign policy, which influences beneficially its international profile.”

“The vocation and the potential of this Partnership, as they are set forth in the objectives of the “Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States for the 21st Century” in 2011 provides clear premises for deepening the existing ties between Romania and the United States, from the excellence field of security and military cooperation, to the economic, educational and human exchanges, which are on an upward trend,” added PM Ponta.

Ponta also states that “the United States will further have in Romania the same trustworthy partner in sending an appropriate response to threats to international security and in backing the close partners in the Black Sea and the Balkans area for fulfilling the aspirations to a safer, more peaceful and more prosperous future within the community of Euro-Atlantic values”.

“Romania remains firmly committed to strengthening its privileged relationship and alliance with the United States, regarding this partnership as a sign of the mutual trust and as a guarantee for the security, development and future prosperity of both states,” the prime minister concluded in his message.


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