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July 3, 2022

Former anti-mafia boss Alina Bica remanded on conditional bail

Alina Bica, former chief prosecutor of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), arraigned for corruption in two cases that concern illegal restitutions of property, will be taken off house arrest and remanded on conditional bail, the High Court decided on Monday, Romania TV informs. Adriean Videanu, on conditional bail in the same case, has asked for permission to leave the country in order to attend a marble fair in Italy.

The former DIICOT chief prosecutor asked the court on Monday to cancel the preventive arrest measure ordered against her in the “Bica 2” case, invoking the lack of new elements that would call for the upholding of the measure.

“In 150 days’ time I haven’t filed any release requests. There is no evidence against me. No evidence was admitted in two case files. I have two case files with the same charges. I took as bribe an asset that the active briber did not own. I lifted the distraint measure from RON 60,000 but Videanu’s wealth is EUR 25 M. I seem to be dangerous but I’m not. In 16 years there wasn’t a single complaint on my name. Did I suddenly go crazy? I want no one to benefit from the justice the DNA has shown me in 2 case files. I don’t want house arrest because I don’t want to deduct anything from the punishment. It doesn’t favour me,” Alina Bica said, evz.ro informs.

On April 14 the High Court of Justice decided that former DIICOT Director Alina Bica and businessman Dorin Cocos should be placed under house arrest in the “Bica 2” case.

Adriean Videanu, on conditional bail in the same case, has asked for permission to leave the country in order to attend a marble fair in Italy, and the judges have admitted his request.

Dorin Cocos too has asked for the house arrest measure ruled in the “Microsoft” case to be cancelled, and the judges have approved his request. The decision however is not final.

The “Bica 2” case was sent to court by the DNA on February 26. In it, Adriean Videanu is accused of being an accessory to malfeasance in office. Videanu remained under preventive arrest from January 31 to February 6.

Dorin Cocos is accused of influence peddling (two counts) and active bribery, while his son Alin Cocos is accused of being an accessory to influence peddling and active bribery.

Alina Bica was arraigned for passive bribery (2 counts), malfeasance in office (2 counts) and favouring the criminal (2 counts). Ionut Florentin Mihailescu is accused of being an accessory to passive bribery.

According to the DNA, on 14 June 2014, Alina Bica received, through her former aide Ionut Mihailescu, and in equal shares with him, a 4,425-square-meter plot of land in Snagov, Ilfov County. This was closely connected to the green-light that Alina Bica, as secretary of state and Justice Ministry representative within the National Property Restitution Agency’s (ANRP) Central Commission for the Assessment of Damages, offered on 15 March 2011 on the payment of damages for a plot of land located in Bucharest and evaluated at RON 377,000,000, a payment whose beneficiary was Gheorghe Stelian.

In order to hide the source of the plot of land in Snagov and the bribe, Ionut Mihailescu and Alin Cocos generated and acted as middlemen in false real-estate transactions, using their friends and relatives.

Thus, the bribe that Alina Bica and Ionut Mihailescu received was hidden in 2013-2014 through two successive purchase contracts in which persons close to them acted as front men.

In his turn, in exchange for influencing Alina Bica and another member of ANRP’s Central Commission, Dorin Cocos asked and received EUR 10 M from Gheorghe Stelian (denouncer in the case), the beneficiary of the litigation rights.

On the other hand, on 24 September 2013, in the Romgaz case handled by DIICOT, the prosecutor ordered the freezing of 80 shares owned by Adriean Videanu within SC Titan Mar S.A.

In the Romgaz case, Videanu is investigated alongside other persons for causing a damage of USD 11 M and endangering the national energy system’s natural gas sector.

Subsequently, on 25 February 2014, DIICOT Director Alina Bica ordered the admission of Videanu’s request to lift the distraint, thus breaking her legal prerogatives.

By doing so, Alina Bica helped Videanu reintroduce the 80 shares in the economic circuit, making it possible for him to sell them to front men and to avoid the payment of damages.

In his request to have the distraint lifted Videanu inserted false documents according to which he no longer owned the shares since August 2012.

DNA also claims that in 2013 businessman Ovidiu Tender asked for Alina Bica’s support to obtain a suspended sentence in the RAFO case that was on the Bucharest Court’s roll.

Alina Bica asked her DIICOT subordinates to ask in court for a suspended sentence against Tender, prosecutors show.

Last week, High Court judges replaced the house arrest measure ordered against former DIICOT chief prosecutor Alina Bica in the case known as “Bica 1” with conditional bail. The decision is not final.


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