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May 20, 2022

Gorghiu and Ponta named in Mihail Vlasov’s case

The names of Alina Gorghiu and Victor Ponta appear in the judicial case involving the ex-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), Mihail Vlasov, who was referred to Court by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) at large, for bribery, on Monday.

Vlasov was charged with paying bribe to an MP in return for the promotion of a certain draft law.

‘After the finalisation of the draft normative act, the defendant Mihail Vlasov assiduously tried to influence MPs from the entire political sphere to sign and support the legislative initiative’, DNA’s indictment states, according to Realitatea TV.

The same document notes that Vlasov used his influence ‘with MPs who served on the International Court of Arbitrage (Florin Iordache, Alina Gorghiu and Aurel Vainer)’.

According to B1 TV, Alina Gorghiu was heard by DNA as a witness in Vlasov’s case in February.

According to the prosecutors, M. Vlasov used his influence ‘via members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania or of the local chambers (Andras Edler)’, and ‘started a campaign for obtaining political support for the adoption of the normative act on the trade registrar’.

According to transcripts of calls dated 27 December 2012, Vlasov tells the witness Brandusa Stefanescu: ‘Dear, I am at … the third promise made by friends from the same political sphere. (…) Once the DA Alliance, then PNL, through Tariceanu and now Ponta’.

According to a DNA release, Vlasov, who is a lawyer with the Iasi Bar Association, asked the national minority MP Mircea Grosaru, who died in 2014, on 26 February 2013, when he was the President of the CCIR Coordination College, to support his interests by promoting a draft normative act called ‘Law on trade registrars and the activity of registration with the Trade Register’.

Through his request, Vlasov wanted to influence the adoption of a normative act through which CCIR to be able to take over the National Trade Register Office and, by that, control the revenue obtained from the activity of the Trade Register.

In exchange for his support with the legislative initiative, Vlasov promised the MP to appoint him on the International Court of Arbitrage attached to CCIR, DNA further explains.

Mihail Vlasov put on the agenda of the CCIR Steering College meeting on 6 March 2013 the MP’s application for the position on the Court of Arbitrage, put it to the vote of the members of the college and voted alongside those for the appointment of the MP to the promised position.


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