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January 23, 2022

Ambassadors of France, United Kingdom and Germany: 2015 – crucial year in fight against climate change

“European embassies from all over the world celebrate for the second time the Climate Diplomacy Day on 17 June 2015, halfway through a year dedicated to development and the environment. Less than 200 days are left until the global conference against climate change in Paris (COP21). The entire diplomatic corps is actively working to make sure that in December the 196 countries will reach a universal agreement, the Paris Agreement, with the goal of limiting the rise in the planet’s temperature at 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels at most and of adapting our societies to the already existing changes. We only have a little time left,” reads a joint communiqué signed by Francois Saint-Paul, Paul Brummel and Werner Hans Lauk, the ambassadors of France, United Kingdom and Germany respectively.

“The goal of the Climate Diplomacy Day is to raise awareness of climate changes and of the need to act together. Throughout the year that passed, Germany, France and United Kingdom launched joint projects on the occasion of this day in over 30 countries. This year, Climate Diplomacy Day will generate even wider efforts at European level, featuring diverse activities. For instance, a debate about concrete measures to combat climate change will be organized in Berlin. The participants will analyze the effects of climate change at local level, will propose measures, including measures at international level, and will discuss the role of the EU in this effort. In London, the Foreign Office’s special representative on environment issues will meet the German and French ambassadors in order to discuss how we should intensify our joint commitment against global warming. In Paris, city that will hold the Presidency of the UN Climate Change Conference with the desire to obtain positive results and which transparently works with all states in order to generate a collective level of ambition, especially with the most vulnerable of them, in order to obtain a compromise and to help us reach consensus at the end of this year. Or in Bucharest, where in a joint article the ambassadors of France, United Kingdom and Germany emphasize the need to take measures against climate change.

“The effects of climate change make themselves felt on our continent, in our countries and in Romania alike. (…) A considerable positive impact can be obtained if there is global action against climate change. Since 1992 our countries, as well as Romania, have been part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Our governments have unanimously accepted in 2009 to try to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, but this goal is yet to be reached at joint level. This year brings with it an immense opportunity to secure a credible and legally binding global agreement on limiting global warming. In December, Paris will host one of the biggest UNFCCC summits (COP21) so far. If we act now we can maintain the level of global warming below two degrees Celsius,” reads the Joint Statement signed by the ambassadors of France, United Kingdom and Germany to Bucharest.

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