Another member of Basescu family in the hands of anticorruption prosecutors: Dragos Basescu, placed under judicial control, bail worth 10,000 lei

Ex-President Traian Basescu’s nephew, Dragos Basescu, was brought in to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Wednesday to be questioned in a case where he is suspected of having demanded a million euro from businessman Sandu Staicu, promising to intervene with the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism   (DIICOT) and obtain a favourable resolution of his case pending there.

Dragos Băsescu, the son of Mircea Basescu, the brother of the former head of state, allegedly met up with the businessman Sandu Staicu at Dinu Pescariu’s club, in a spa, to discuss his judicial issues in a case dealt with by prosecutor Remus Jurj with DIICOT, according to Agerpres.

The businessman Sergiu Lucinschi, the lawyer Radu Pricop – ex-President Basescu’s son-in-law – the prosecutor Remus Jurj and a DIICOT police officer are also investigated into in the case case.

According to judicial sources, Dragoș Băsescu is a suspect of influence peddling, after he has allegedly asked a businessman for one million euro, with help from an accessory, in return to assist the businessman in solving his legal issues in a criminal case handled by of the DIICOT, knowing people in the justice system.

Sandu Staicu, manager of SC Activ Invest Construct SRL, was arrested in March 2014 by DIICOT for setting up a criminal group and money laundering in a case dealt with by prosecutor Remus Jurj.

The sources Agerpres quotes say that, after the High Court had declined the preventive arrest proposal in his case, Sandu Staicu was allegedly contacted by someone with whom he also met, who told him that Dragos Basescu was proposing a way of resolving his situation at DIICOT through an accomplice, Ciprian Nistor.

The same sources say that, later on, the businessman set up a meeting with Dragos Basescu at the Pescariu Club and the talks were held in the spa area, in a sauna. On that occasion – the sources say – Ciprian Nistor and Dragos Basescu gave him a list of company and people names to read, and Sandu Staicu acknowledged them to be present in his case. The list was shown to him in order to demonstrate to him that they did have access to the prosecutors’ files and therefore were able to influence developments in his case.

On the same occasion, Dragos Basescu reportedly uttered the name of the case prosecutor and the discussion went on with the claim of EUR 500,000 for the businessman not to be arrested following DIICOT’s contestation and another EUR 500,000 for the lift of the freezing order on his assets, the quoted sources further say.

The businessman reportedly told the two interlocutors that he could not afford such a high amount and that he didn’t actually want any such interventions to be made. Dragos Basescu in exchange suggested to conclude a fictitious consulting agreement with an international company, not to raise suspicions, through which he would have paid the required 1 M euro in instalments, according to the developments in his judicial case, over up to 2 years.

Mircea Basescu, the brother of Traian Basescu, said on Wednesday h didn’t know anything about his son’s being questioned by DNA and that all he knew was what he had learnt from the TV.

Mircea Basescu told the press on Wednesday, before going into the Constanta Tribunal for a new court date in his influence peddling case, that he had no information on the questioning of his son, Dragos Basescu, by DNA, according to Mediafax.

‘I don’t know anything. I just know what I saw on TV’, Mircea Basescu said. He added he had last talked to his son at the weekend, when he had been to Constanta, and that he was ‘fine’.

Mircea Basescu said he wasn’t expecting that and that he was unaware of his son’s involvement with the mentioned case.


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