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January 25, 2022

Elena Udrea ‘s first day of freedom

Elena Udrea is free to leave home since Tuesday. The ex-PMP head was released and she is already making plans. Elena Udrea wants to go to office and to Parliament, where there is a vote on the election law. Previously the former president of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) had said she would go and see a doctor for a set of tests. Wednesday morning, Udrea reported to Police Station no. 2 in Bucharest, according to the probation schedule.

On Wednesday, Elena Udrea went to the police for setting her probation schedule, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) had removed the measure of house arrest in the ex-minister’s case.

Asked by the journalists when she was supposed to report back to the police under her probation order, Udrea said: ‘Tuesday and Friday at 10 am’.

The ex-PMP head also said she would go to office and Parliament on Wednesday.

‘I intend to go to Parliament as I understand there is an important vote on the election law’.

Elena Udrea was asked if she would celebrate her first day of freedom and she said: ‘Not really’.

The ex-Regional Development and Tourism minister is supposed to disclose her sources of income to the Police. When she left the police station, Udrea noted that she had declared all her sources of revenue in her asset disclosure form.

However, Udrea ahs not yet declared her assets to Parliament. Her last financial disclosure statement was submitted in June 2014, although the deadline for submitting the new statement expired last Monday. According to Romania TV, during her arrest period, Udrea cashed Ron 9,000 from the Parliament. According to her most recent financial disclosure form, Udrea had in bank accounts over RON 1 M and EUR 100,000.

At the same time, Elena Udrea wished PM Victor Ponta good health after his knee surgery in Turkey.

Previously, Elena Udrea had noted she wanted to see a doctor to have a set of tests done as she had had some health issues lately.

Elena Udrea was removed from house arrest in the ‘Gala Bute’ case and was placed under a probation order for 60 days, the Court sustaining her claims.

However, she must comply with a set of strict rules. Under Section 215 paragraph 1 and 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Court ordered the defendants to :

– report to the preliminary chamber judge and court of law whenever they are called;

– promptly inform the preliminary chamber judge and the court of law on any change of residence

– report to the police authority tasked with their monitoring – District 1 Police Bucharest, in this case, according to the supervision time-table set by the police authority or whenever they are called;

– not leave the national territory without the prior approval of the preliminary chamber judge or court of law;

– not come close or communicate, directly or indirectly, in any way, with other participants in the commission of the offences; witnesses cited in the indictment, except those each of the defendants were allowed to resume contacts with following final court decisions;

– regularly communicate relevant information on their means of living.


Why DNA did not ask for house arrest anymore


Judicial sources explained to DCNews that the fact that Udrea had been placed on probation did not mean that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) was in favour of a more lenient measure.

On the contrary, the prosecutors want persons charged with corruption to serve the full sentence if convicted by a Court.

The house arrest days are deducted from the sentence, and so are the days spent on remand or those served in prison awaiting sentence. Therefore, if the house arrest was longer, the prison sentence would be considerably shortened.

On the other hand, the probation period is not deducted from a possible custodial sentence enforced as a result of a final Court ruling.

DNA is very likely to follow the same strategy for all cases where other measures are not required, preferring probation over house arrest.

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CR) decided a month ago that the practice of house arrest was against the Constitution unless for a reasonable period of time.






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