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April 13, 2021

Prime-Minister Ponta successfully operated on in Turkey, not supposed to go to work for three weeks

Although foreign nationals often show confidence in Romanian doctors, Prime-minister Victor Ponta chose Turkey for a surgery on his left knee following an injury sustained during a basketball game. On Tuesday, Ponta explained on Facebook that he had ‘total trust in Romanian doctors’, but he chose Turkey because there he had something he wouldn’t have had at home – ‘peace and rest’.

Last week, PM Ponta visited the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest for a check of his knee. After investigations, the specialists determined that he had a broken ligature and that his meniscus and cartilage were affected, and recommended him to have surgery.

Doctor Ion Codorean, specialist in sports trauma at the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, who accompanied the prime-minister to Turkey, for his surgery, told Gandul how the procedure had gone.

‘He came to see me last week and then we put that diagnosis and established a surgery indication’, said Dr. Codorean.

According to the physician, after the appointment, Victor Ponta was determined to have surgery in Romania, but, a week later, he made a different decision. ‘As far as I understood, he made his decision just for the sake of the isolation he had there, he wanted to be more tranquil, without the pressure of the mass-media’.

The orthopaedist claims that the surgery itself is quite difficult ad that there are a few specialists who are able to perform that kind or operation. Ion Bogdan Codorean is one of them, having frequently performed such procedures.

‘He was determined to have surgery over here, he said he only trusted us. He said that it was the reason for his coming to see us at the Military Hospital, that he had a lot of trust in the doctors here. I probably don’t know what his decisions were, but this is also why he asked me to accompany him there. He said he would only be confident if I was there’, the doctor explained.

On the surgery, Dr. Codorean said it lasted two hours and was conducted by there Turkish doctors. Regarding the post-surgical treatment, the specialist notes that, after such an operation, the patient is not supposed to walk on the foot for at least three weeks and recommends to Ponta not to go to cabinet meetings and not to take care of everyday activities.

‘He won’t be able to, as he needs to keep his leg up all the time, the leg has to be above the heart level’, said the doctor.


PSD’s Dragnea: PM will need 3-4 week recovery from foot surgery


Political coordinator of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea in Botosani on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Victor Ponta will need up to four weeks recovery period after foot surgery.

Dragnea pointed out that the Prime Minister cannot stand on his operated foot and is in great pain. He maintains that the surgery in Turkey was “difficult” and “complex” and that it was successful.

“A recovery period of three or four weeks is needed, during which daily exercises must be strictly and rigorously done, otherwise he will have problems with the knee all his life. He is in great pain when he has to do these exercises. He tried to make a few steps with a walking frame yesterday, but it is almost impossible. He lies in a special bed that switches to various positions and has some devices working on his foot,” said Dragnea, who visited Ponta at the clinic in Turkey.


Dutch ambassador’s wife has surgery in Romania


The Ambassador of the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Romania, Matthijs van Bonzel, posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday photographs of his wife who had had an orthopaedic surgery at the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital earlier that day. The ambassador also posted pictures of the surgeon who had conducted the operation – Prof. Dr. Catalin Cirstoiu.

‘Cristina went today through an orthopaedic operation. We thanks Prof Dr Cirstoiu and all dedicated nurses!’ is the message posted by the Dutch ambassador on Tuesday.

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