Vanghelie writes to Victor Ponta again: “General Oprea has ended up blackmailing PSD and lecturing us on morality”

Marian Vanghelie, the Bucharest District 5 Mayor suspended from office, wrote on Facebook another message for Premier Victor Ponta, telling him that “General Oprea has fantastic speed in getting his hands on PSD.” Marian Vanghelie also says that Victor Ponta’s plan is “removing General Coldea, sacrificing prosecutor Kovesi, appointing General Oprea at the helm of SRI and his father-in-law at the helm of SIE.”

In a message posted on Facebook on Tuesday and signed by the “communication team,” Marian Vanghelie says that “the process of confiscating PSD continues and intensifies.”

“Victor, how many mistakes do you still have to do in order to understand that Romania doesn’t begin and doesn’t end with you?

At this moment it’s no longer about doctrines and ideologies, it’s about how we save Romania from people like you and General Oprea, from your godsons, godfathers, relatives and friends appointed in key offices and permanently used as weapons against those who dare to oppose your interests. The process of confiscating the party for which I fought alongside other true Social-Democrats, of confiscating the Romanian Government, including the good progress of the judiciary, continues and intensifies.

Ever since he was the head of the Prime Minister’s Audit Body, Victor Ponta along with General Oprea and a clique of the same ilk intensely labours to destroy political leaders by setting up false case files.

General Oprea has fantastic speed in getting his hands on PSD. You see the traditional Social-Democrat fiefdoms and what happened to them. A warning to those in areas yet left untouched! You’d better not end up having case files for not playing nice! All these were to be expected. During party meetings Victor Ponta took the freedom to declare his intentions in what concerns the “restructuring strategy,” presenting a plan through which he planned promotions and purges: removing General Coldea, sacrificing prosecutor Kovesi, appointing General Oprea at the helm of SRI and his father-in-law at the helm of SIE.

Victor Ponta planned and managed to get rid of party leaders such as Adrian Severin, Ion Toma, mayors and county council chairmen. Gheorghe Nichita, Tudor Pendiuc, Radu Mazare, Nicusor Constantinescu being only some of these leaders. He used the New Penal Code and the New Penal Procedure Code in order to get rid of the unwanted, codes that he now wants to modify in order to protect himself and his acolytes from the judiciary, Dan Sova being one of them. Victor Ponta is using the positions of his allies Oprea, Cazanciuc and Nitu in order to create case files and to get rid of opponents. Since he is the “creation” of General Oprea the methods are the same…

Using the party for personal interests is one thing, selling out the country whose Premier you are is an entirely different thing. During one of PSD’s Permanent National Bureau (BPN) meetings Victor Ponta was ordering Titus Corlatean, Foreign Minister at the time, to arrange bilateral meetings for him at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. At that moment our European and American allies were boycotting the opening ceremony while Ponta had an honoured seat in the stands. He visited Baku on the basis of the same principle. During other BPN meetings Victor Ponta was also the one who pointed out several times the good relations he has with China and Russia and proposed them as alternative to the relation with the United States. During another BPN meeting Dragnea referred to the fact that Victor Ponta lost the elections because the Americans ordered Facebook to back Iohannis. Victor Ponta entirely agreed with Dragnea. All of this clearly proves Ponta’s obsession with Russia and China, with the Eurasian area. So why should we be surprised by his departure for Baku or by his multiple visits to China? Victor Ponta is desperate to sell Romania out for his immediate interest.

During party meetings he was huffing and puffing. Too bad he was and still is a coward and he flees every time someone stands up to him. He either goes on holiday or to a doctor’s appointment…

Victor, Romania is on the border of a bloody conflict! Serious is not the fact that you went to Baku, but that any visit paid by a Romanian Prime Minister to a foreign country represents Romania. A Romanian Premier should express the common position of the Romanian state. Is there really nobody to point out to you that you cannot be seen alongside Putin or Lukashenko precisely on the day in which you were accused of not allowing the millions of Romanians living abroad to vote?

In what concerns General Oprea, you ended up proving me right. In my previous posting I was saying that through your misalliance with General Oprea you are sacrificing your political future and with it the future of the whole party. And now we see that General Oprea has ended up blackmailing the Social Democrat Party and lecturing us on morality,” the message posted on Marian Vanghelie’s personal Facebook page reads.

Marian Vanghelie has been under preventive arrest since March 14, in a case in which he is accused by DNA prosecutors of malfeasance in office, passive bribery and money laundering, some of the crimes favouring the companies of businessman Marian Dumitru in their bids to win public work contracts from Bucharest’s District 5 Mayoralty, Mediafax informs.


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