Gorghiu: PNL working on new no-confidence vote against Ponta Government

PNL is working on a new no-confidence vote to be introduced during the new Parliament season in the autumn. The Liberal Co-president, Alina Gorghiu, says she is convinced that the parliamentary majority can be changed and stresses that she is proposing ‘a theme for thinking’ to PSD on how the PM meets integrity criteria ahead of the future PSD Congress.

‘Parliamentary mathematics and majority can be changed and it is not down to Mr. Oprea. I could see in the hall, during the no-confidence vote, a weakened majority, one that could only defend itself by not voting, counting on the fact that the Opposition was not going to collect the necessary number of votes for unseating the Government. It is not that the current majority still trusts the premier, the premier no longer has confidence in his parliamentary majority’, Gorghiu said on RFI.

‘Gabriel Oprea will support a government as long as Victor Ponta is the Prime-Minister. I am curious about one thing and I am proposing to PSD this theme of thinking: what will they do during their Congress in September, since they said they would introduce to the Statute integrity criteria according to which a person in a lead position in the party who is under criminal investigation loses the public office. I am very curious to see how Mr. Ponta meets those integrity criteria PSD will introduce’, Gorghiu also said.


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