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December 4, 2022

Bucharest District 1 Mayor Chilian to be investigated under judicial control

The Magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ)  on Friday evening rejected the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) request to place Bucharest District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman under preventive detention, placing him under a 60-day judicial control instead.

The same decision was taken in Vlad Moisescu’s case (former treasurer of the PNL – National Liberal Party), Ioana Costescu (personal adviser to the mayor) and Ion Brad (local counselor), all under investigation in the same file.

The decision is not final.

Andrei Chiliman was remanded into custody by the DNA prosecutors in Ploiesti, being charged with creating a criminal ring and abetting influence peddling.

According to the DNA, starting with 2004, after the local elections, a criminal group was created at the initiative of Vlad Moisescu, including Andrei Chiliman, Ioana Costescu and Ion Brad, which was supposed to focus on obtaining such commissions between 10 and 15 per cent from various companies, hired for various purposes by the mayor’s office, based on clientelistic criteria.

The group is thus thought to have obtained over 8 million euros from SC Straco SRL, via Traian Horpos and Alexandru Horpos, money that represented 10 per cent of payments made by the District 1 Mayor Office to the company, over 2007-2014, based on a number of contracts. Moreover, the group obtained from SC Romair Consulting SRL, represented by Gheorghe Boeru, the amount of 300,000 lei.

The file resulted after investigations conducted by the DNA Ploiesti in another file, involving Iulian Hertanu, PM Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law, MPs Sebastian Ghita and Vlad Cosma, the suspended president of the Prahova County Council Mircea Cosma, the general manager of SC Grossman, Ilie Dragan, the general manager of Hidro Prahova, Adrian Semcu and the general manager of SC Romair Consulting SRL, Gheorghe Boeru.


Bribe shares: 30pct Chiliman, 15pct each Moisescu, Costescu and Brad, 10pct PNL District 1 branch


According to judicial sources quoted by Agerpres, the money received as bribe is said to have been divided among Bucharest Sector 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman and his entourage – Vlad Moisescu, Ioana Costescu, Ion Brad – and also have reached the National Liberal Party (PNL) SeDistrict 1 branch.

According to the cited sources, Chiliman is said to have received 30 per cent of the amount, Vlad Moisescu, Ioana Costescu and Ion Brad, 15 per cent each, and 10 per cent is alleged to have reached the PNL District 1 branch.

The difference of 15 per cent is said to have been used for various expenses related to the additional payment of the officials who supported the illicit activities.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Ploiesti prosecutors are investigating offenses related to the payment of an amount of 300,000 lei in the summer of 2012, in cash, at the headquarters of the Capital Sector 1 Mayoralty, Vlad Moisescu having received the money through some trusted persons – Ioana Costescu and Local Councillor Ion Brad.

The cited sources maintain that persons holding or having held positions on political parties, as well as public officers with management capacities have allegedly asked and received amounts of money for assigning public utility contracts for Bucharest Sector 1.

According to the sources, part of the money collected by SC Romair Consulting SRL from public funds, including those collected from SC Hidro Prahova SA, is said to have been transferred, at Gheorghe Boeru’s disposal, without real economic justifications, withdrawn in cash and used for his personal interest for the payment of a commission, in exchange for the support granted to obtain the contract of September 13, 2011, from the Bucharest Sector 1 Mayoralty, on the management of the construction projects on thermal rehabilitation works for blocks of flats in Sector 1.

The money is said to have been paid, according to the sources, following an understanding Boeru had with Moisescu and Costescu, the latter being Mayor Andrei Chiliman’s Councillor.




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