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April 20, 2021

Distinguished Visitors Day at “Red Dragon – 15” drill: Romanian , US troops congratulated for their first joint military exercise of reconnaisance structures

General Staff Chief Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca, and Chief of the Alabama National Guard, Major General Perry Smith, congratulated on Saturday the more than 350 Romanian and American soldiers who participated these days in the “Red Dragon 15” drill at the Babadag shooting range (Tulcea County) belonging to the Babadag Marine Infantry Battalion.

“After two years of planning and joint efforts, this exercise finally takes place. Today, we’ve seen on the field that the units accomplished all the objectives assigned to them. Congratulations and thank you for your efforts,” Lieutenant General Ciuca said, in the end of the Distinguished Visitors Day part of the “Red Dragon – 15” military exercise.

In his turn, the Chief of the Alabama National Guard, Major General Perry Smith, appreciated the efforts of the soldiers involved in the first ample exercise designed for the reconnaisance structures from the two armies carried out in Romania since the country joined NATO.

“Of course there are differences in terms of the equipment owned by the military, but this is a joint exercise and everybody has something to learn from it,” said Major General Perry Smith.

Moreover, at the end of the demonstration on Saturday, marked as the Distinguished Visitors Day, the two officials offered special coins to 6 Romanian and American soldiers, in sign of recognition of their great cooperation under the “Red Dragon – 15” exercise.

Participating in the “Red Dragon” exercise, which runs from June 8 to 24, are 238 soldiers from the Reconnaissance Battalion “Vlad Tepes” Braila and 115 from the Unit 1-131 Reconnaissance and Surveillance of the National Guard of Alabama.

The collaboration between the National Guard of Alabama and the Romanian side dates for several years, organizing annual American soldiers in Tulcea several charity for people at risk of social exclusion.


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