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May 21, 2022

Adrian Nastase, 3 years since suicide attempt: “I see how many of the things I believed in are crumbling”

Three years ago, on 20 June 2012, former premier Adrian Nastase was the protagonist in a controversial suicide attempt that took place right on the day in which police officers went to his home in order to escort him to the penitentiary. Three years after the unfortunate event, Adrian Nastase wrote a few thoughts on his personal blog.

Adrian Nastase wrote that June 20 is just as sad and bleak as the last three years have been. On 20 June 2012 the former premier tried to commit suicide and ever since then he has been trying to understand why fate chose a different outcome for him.

“Three years have passed. Bleak, just as this day today. I look behind trying to understand the hand of destiny, which decided something different than I had. I don’t think it was only the vigilance and quickness of the police officer. I look around and I see how many of the things I believed in are crumbling. The conditions of a colonial status are appearing in the name of some high principles. I don’t understand the point of the current government, of politics, of the media hunt for criminals. I have the feeling I am re-reading Suzanne Collins’s “The Hunger Games.” I am spending more time with family. I hope Andrei and Mihnea will have fewer regrets and reasons for nostalgia,” Adrian Nastase wrote on his blog.

At the same time, the former Premier agrees with Traian Basescu to some extent. “For me, this day today is sad. It reminds me of the revolt I felt back then, and the years that have passed have also shown the lack of political “usefulness” of that decision “of exemplary character,” in what concerns the financing of election campaigns. Lately I didn’t want to comment on Basescu’s statements but it seemed to me he was right when he recently said that one is hoisted by his own petard. Who will benefit in the end from this public hysteria of arrests and convictions? We will find out the answer several years from now when we will once again examine the share of foreign capital in the Romanian economy. The fact that the parties outdo each other in the settling of accounts, using state institutions and failing to understand that there is the need for coherent and modern legislative regulations, will eventually turn against them,” Adrian Nastase wrote three years after his suicide attempt.

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