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January 25, 2022

Alina Gorghiu: Government ‘had obligation’ to hold election of Sibiu mayor

The Government ‘had the obligation’ to hold election for the office as mayor of Sibiu city after Klaus Iohannis had won the presidential election, said the co-president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu, during a press conference in Sibiu, on Friday. According to her, the postponement of the election means that Ponta ‘knows that he will lose elections wherever he may organise them’.

‘Here, in Sibiu city, the Government had the obligation to hold election for mayor of Sibiu already some time ago, after Klaus Iohannis had won the presidential election’, Alina Gorghiu said, according to Mediafax.

She added that ‘for various reasons pertaining to abuse and excess of power, the Government had refused to organise elections’ in 28 cities in the country and, as they have no mayor, many local administrations are blocked.

‘Maybe it is not the case in Sibiu, but you should know there are communities, administrations where there are real blockages because there are no mayors, no local councils, no decision-makers’, Gorghiu said.

‘We know very well why Ponta ahs refused to organise the elections: because he knows he will lose elections wherever he may hold them’.

The PNL official also said she wanted the person following Iohannis to the Sibiu City Hall to be a Liberal, not a member of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR), as it is now.

‘I know the relation (with FDGR – editor’s note) has been an extremely good, opportune, constructive one, with good results on both sides, but, as co-president of this party, I confess that I would very much like the National Liberal Party to have a candidate for mayor of Sibiu. I could bet you that we will win, too. I want an authentic internal competition, as many candidates in the race s possible and, why not, I trust we can find a good follower for Klaus Iohannis in PNL, who has a well-shaped branch in Sibiu, a strong branch that deserves a mayor for the next years, from 2016’, Gorghiu said, according to Agerpres.

The PNL co-president refused to say if the Liberals could support a candidate of FDGR, as it was in the case of Klaus Iohannis’ last term as mayor, supported by Liberals, although he was the President of FDGR. She stressed that the PNL organisation would have the last say.

In her latest public statement, the current Mayor, Astrid Fodor (FDGR) did not say if she would run in election for Mayor of Sibiu in 2016 or not, according to voceatransilvaniei.ro.

Alina Gorghiu and several PNL leaders attended the meeting of the PNL Sibiu County Steering Council in Sibiu on Friday.

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