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January 21, 2022

Udrea: When I said all parties are financed with dirty money you all accused me

Former head of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea stated on Friday after leaving the precinct that all parties are financed with dirty money but she warned this is not the first time she states this.

Asked by journalists whether she was surprised to see District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman detained and charged with influence peddling, Udrea answered:

“When I said that all parties are financed with dirty money everybody accused me. If we are not prepared to accept some realities and we hide we will be surprised to find out such things. It’s a reality and unless the current political class admits it and if it hypocritically keeps trying to show that it goes on only in the case of others we will not reach any solution and nothing good will happen. If we don’t pass on to the transparent financing of political parties we will be surprised every time we find that out about yet another party,” Elena Udrea said.

Udrea stated that the parties could function without dirty money too “but the election campaigns would no longer cost as much.” The former PMP President pointed out that it is the fault of both the representatives, who hand out bags with food during the campaigns, and of the voters who accept these gifts.

Concerning the EUR 1 M she has spent lately, Elena Udrea stated that the spending of this sum is out of the question. She pointed out that she made some advance payments, knowing that she will be arrested.

Referring to the “Bute Boxing Gala” case in which she is investigated, Elena Udrea stated: “I am innocent in this case and I believe it is fair to be investigated without being detained.”

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