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May 26, 2022

Biomass is an important source of energy in Romania •The sector will attract significant German investment, AHK Romania believes

Biomass is an important source of energy in Romania, one that can attract significant German investment, high-performance equipment being needed to put the waste to good use, Sebastian Gromig, head of the German Embassy’s Economic Section, stated at a special conference.

“The production of energy from renewable resources is a very topical theme, also as part of the European initiative 2020. Romania has great potential for the production of energy from renewable sources, but funds are needed. We want to present the Romanian market to German companies because rendering it efficient is very important. We want to make Romania attractive for German investors that also want to sign partnerships with local companies,” Sebastian Metz, General Director of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), stated.

AHK Romania organized the “Waster-to-energy” conference whose focus was on Romanian-German economic cooperation in the renewable energy domain. The initiative behind the Romanian-German economic collaboration project and its financing comes from Germany’s Economy and Energy Ministry as part of the “Renewable Made in Germany” program.

The AHK Romania project is meant for Romanian and German companies interested in developing bilateral businesses in the renewable energy domain and its goal is to promote at local level German systems and products in this domain. In order to promote German companies, their representatives will be in Romania until June 19, being set to hold meetings with potential Romanian partners.


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