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June 26, 2022

PM Ponta rejects allegations he left for Turkey to avoid corruption probe: That is imbecility

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday evening rated as ‘imbecility’ the allegations that he went to Turkey for a knee surgery and decided to stay there for recuperation only to avoid his investigation by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

“I have heard the imbeciles and their imbecilities. I did show up at DNA the day I was summoned. The next week, I produced documents. My lawyer (…) will have all my medical papers; he has the documents he asked me to provide. We are talking about a case that regards my law practice of eight years ago. So what do I gain? Two weeks after eight years? That is imbecility that you have to be a follower of Basescu in order to continue supporting,’ Ponta told Antena 3 private broadcaster in a phone-in.

He added that he wants to believe governments are still voted on by people and dismissed by Parliament.

“I want to believe that there is still democracy in Romania and that governments in Romania are still voted on by people and dismissed by Parliament. If we change the rule and if the existence of Parliament is to no avail, mayors, county council chairs are useless, then we have a big problem that does not have to do with me, Victor Ponta – I may be the best known; it has to do with what we want to make of this country,” Ponta said.


“I need three weeks recovery; as soon as I’m back in the country, I’ll be back at work”


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday evening informed that he cannot walk earlier than three weeks and that as soon as he returns to the country, he will also be back at work.

“As soon as I return to the country, I will also be back at work, as I will not stay home and lay in bed. I will come to the office, I will come at work. But it’s a fact that I cannot walk normally earlier than three weeks. This is what I know for sure. In the meantime, I will decide exactly when I am ready to go back and work normally – either with or without crutches,” Ponta said in a telephone conversation with the Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

When asked about the chances he resign after he recovers, be it after or before Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea’s time as interim PM runs out, the PM replied: “I am not the problem. The problem right now is that there is no alternative to the current government. Which makes me ask, what should we do? Should we just leave and say: after us, the deluge? No, I have never been the type of person that would do such a thing and I will never be.”

As regards Oprea’s appointment as interim Prime Minister, Ponta explained that he made this choice because Oprea was the single Deputy PM voted by Parliament.

“I only have one Deputy PM. Just one. There weren’t two or three to choose from. And what other solution did I have? To say: as long as I’m ill, I won’t be replaced by the Deputy PM, who was voted by Parliament, published in the Official Journal, but I want to be replaced by another minister, who would become the chief of the Deputy PM? Would this have made more sense? To anyone? No. In fact, only then it would have been a really strange and incomprehensible thing to happen,” said Victor Ponta.


“Coalition’s MPs to cast a vote on Wednesday on Tax Code that includes VAT cut to 19pct”


In a post on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announces that the MPs of the ruling coalition – the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) – the Liberal Democratic Alliance (ALDE) – in the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday will vote on the Tax Code that includes a cut in the Value-Added Tax (VAT) from 24 per cent to 19 percent, and there is a good chance for the reduced VAT to come into force before January 1, 2016.

“This afternoon, my colleagues Nicu Banicioiu and Eugen Teodorovici have visited me! There are two highly important things we discussed and for which we will be fighting to achieve in the coming days: 1) on Wednesday, the MPs of the ruling coalition – PSD, UNPR, ALDE – will cast a vote on the passage of the Tax Code as approved by the Government, with one adjustment: cutting the basic VAT to 19 per cent, instead of 20 per cent – and thus we symbolically bring to an end as well the disaster of 2010 – we have a predictable tax room and we provide an important political consensus (the National Liberal Party said it will also vote for the Tax Code if the cut is to 19 per cent instead of to 20 per cent). We discussed the matter and there is clearly a possibility of the VAT cut coming into force before January 1!,” reads Ponta’s post.

He also says he discussed with the two ministers a 20-per-cent cut as of July 1 in drugs prices.

“On July 1, a 20-per-cent cut in drugs prices comes into force, a measure that help millions of Romanians that the Government has achieved with great efforts. Like always in the last three years, we are working to right the wrongs of the past and improve the lives of Romanians, while the others are squabbling and behave irresponsibly!!!” Ponta also says.



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