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August 10, 2022

PNL prepares new no-confidence vote against Ponta Government

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has a new plan for unseating PM Victor Ponta after the previous no-confidence vote failed. The PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu says there will be a no-confidence vote of the citizens, based on signatures.

‘Romania has a prime-minister under criminal investigation, who keeps his office using various tricks although he no longer has legitimacy. Victor Ponta has sought for some sort of medical asylum outside the European Union, imagining that his move could help him not have to face justice, Romanian public, opposition and president of Romania. PNL has decided to start a campaign for collecting signatures from the citizens for dismissing the self-exiled and self-suspended PM Victor Ponta. It will be the citizens’ no-confidence vote, the second after the vote of November 2014’, Gorghiu wrote on Facebook on Monday.

She also claims that the Constitution should say that a prime-minister must be dismissed if he/she becomes the subject of a criminal investigation.

‘At the same time, we believe the Constitution of Romania should include a clause to force a prime-minister like Victor Ponta, indecent and whose vocabulary does not contain the word <RESIGNATION>, to leave before hurting the credibility of the country and blocking the whole of the administration out of ambition.

The new Constitution should enable the president to dismiss the PM if he/she is placed under criminal investigation’, the PNL co-president further notes.

The first PNL no-confidence vote this year fell through on 12 June by over 80 votes, but the opposition immediately announced a new one in the autumn. Out of the total of 554 senators and deputies, 417 were present on 12 June. 214 MPs voted – 194 were in favour, 13 opposed and 7 votes were annulled.


Alina Gorghiu: ‘I am being tailed in traffic’


The Co-president of the National Liberal Party, Alina Gorghiu, wrote on her Facebook page on Monday that she was being tailed in traffic by private vehicles and that she had been told by several PSD MPs that the Office of the Prosecutor General and ANI were dealing with several cases concerning her and that a dedicated team was investigating into everything she had done in the last few years.

‘This morning, too, I noticed that I was being tailed by private cars, something that ahs been happening for a few months now. Probably someone wants to protect me’, says the PNL leader, emphasising the irony with a smiling emoticon. ‘I have been told by PSD MPs who disapprove of such methods that the Office of the Prosecutor General and ANI are working on complaints against me and that a team is investigating into everything that I have done or have not done in the last 10 years. Difficult oper…ationJ) Who could still say that, even all the way from Turkey, our prime-minister is not concerned about the fate of the opposition in Romania?’ the PNL co-president further notes.

‘Ever since I was elected as co-president of PNL I have known that I would benefit from a treatment consisting of attacks, insults, manipulation and misleading information. This is how I have been turned by the PSD propaganda from witness into Victor Ponta, from lawyer into Dan Sova and from co-president of PNL into Elena Ceausescu, Ana Pauker, Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, Elena Udrea and other. This campaign started with the PNL vote in the Senator Dan Sova case. In the light of recent events, I understand why the prime-minister was so affected by the PNL political action about his friend. I am again telling the exiled prime-minister that he should not worry, because intimidation action or calumnies do not work on me’, Alina Gorghiu also states.



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