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January 28, 2023

President’s subtle attack against Prime Minister upon presenting the National Defence Strategy: When harming country’s image, one steps back

President Klaus Iohannis told on Monday the plenary sitting of the Parliament that having a position in Romania was not a privilege, but a responsibility that involved a certain conduct; he added that when a politician harms the country’s image, it would be normal for them to step back.

“I’ve said in the beginning that Romania would gradually find that the state where observing the law is normal, where having a minimum of decency in politics is normal, as is stepping back when harming the image of one’s own country, where it is normal to separate the institutions from the private persons. No matter how much they resist it now, we are already on this path, and this moment will come soon. Because this is what people want from us and this is what being a stronger country in Europe and in the world means,” said Iohannis in the plenum of the Parliament, upon presenting the National Defence Strategy.

In his opinion, “the great sin of the past 25 years was the confusion between persons and institutions or positions.”

“When I come in front of you and say that the Parliament should let Justice do its job, I am not doing it as an individual, in my own name, and I’m not addressing some private persons. I’m doing it as President with a responsibility and I’m talking to the representatives of another institution. In stronger Romania, having a position is not a personal privilege, it is a responsibility which involves a conduct, and the politicians, particularly at the highest level, do understand they do not represent themselves. The conduct of each and every one involves an entire country, its image in Europe and the world, and each gesture has its political consequences and public impact,” the head of state said.

According to Iohannis, “a stronger Romania is the one where nobody is above the law, and the corruption at the top is no more a vulnerability to the state’s functioning.”


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