Alina Gorghiu, accused of plagiarism: They are trying to involve me in this scandal to discredit my image

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-President Alina Gorghiu is accused of plagiarism after it was discovered that a book coordinated by Gorghiu included several excerpts taken from other sources, that were not mentioned. According to 7EST, 20 pages are copied word by word, and several paragraphs are repeated in the book coordinated by Alina Gorghiu.

The book “Mediation – oxygen for a modern society”, published in 2013, at the Legal Universe Publishing House, in the Business Collection, under the coordination of PNL leader Alina Gorghiu,includes several bigger or smaller paragraphs plagiarized from other works, 7EST points out. And, as a peak of the “copy-paste” method, the book does more than merely featuring entire paragraphs from other works. It also includes fragments that are repeated in their entirety, at a distance of no more than a few dozen pages. Some of the authors blame Gorghiu, yet she admits the issues only partially and defends herself stating that a coordinator “cannot check all rows written by an author”. The Vice-Dean of the “Al. I. Cuza” University Law Department points out, nonetheless that, when a book includes copied text, the coordinator is responsible.

Alina Gorghiu declared on Tuesday evening, in a press release, that a weekly paper outside Bucharest will soon “run” an article about the book “Mediation, oxygen for a modern society”, a volume signed by five authors and coordinated by her.

According to Mediafax, the PNL leader pointed out that there were a few excerpts in the book, representing less than 2 per cent of the entire book, that were not identified by anti-plagiarism programs and that do not indicate the source of provenience because they were included in a publication that granted no direct public access.

“Other few passages are texts that belong precisely to the respective author, who has quoted himself. All these errors are openly admitted by the author and I am convinced that they do not represent any intention of plagiarism, given the proportion of the omission to the work itself, but merely a mistake of his”, Alina Gorghiu also added.

PNL Co-President Gorghiu mentioned, in the same press release that, as a coordinator of the book, she was not responsible for the actual content and that she did not edit “any word of it”.

“The coordinator of a work only focuses on the coherence of the work, on its structure, as I did in the case of the volume “Mediation, oxygen for a modern society”. Nonetheless, I have checked this work with anti-plagiarism electronic programs. I have done it to prevent situations when, due to a possible negligence or omission, a source was not quoted. I am sorry that authors did not pay enough attention and their work, that required a year, as well as the book itself, are now being contested due to an omission, that represented less than two per cent of the work. I am still happy to have contributed, as a coordinator, to the release of a referential book in a new field in Romania and I congratulate the authors for their well intended, hard work”, Alina Gorghiu added.

She also mentioned that the editors of the weekly that will publish the article have requested her point of view and that she hoped the reality would not be “intentionally deformed”.

“I have made some of these mentions to the weekly paper that had demanded my point of view. An eventual well intended deformation of reality may only be, in my opinion, part of the strategy used by the PSD President in order to cause false issues to the representatives of the opposition, mirroring the real ones faced by him, PSD and the Government he had temporarily led. Even if I did not write a word of this book, certainly, they will try to associate my name with a new scandal, as, I have announced before, there will be plenty of them, complaints filed at various institutions, all with the same purpose: to damage my image. It is all janissaries of the self-exiled Prime Minister are able to do, after he had sought medical asylum to Istanbul, to treat his health issues and the credibility crisis he suffers, along with the party he is leading”, Alina Gorghiu also mentioned.


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