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January 25, 2022

President Iohannis 6 month into his term: ‘I’m not very satisfied. I don’t see a genuine political will of the majority’

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday stroke a balance sheet of his six months of presidential term, confessing to not being very happy with all results. The head of state notes that, when he took over as president, he proposed to Parliament a partnership designed to restore the trust of the general public and that some projects have been carried out.

‘It’s been six months since I took over my mandate as President. At that moment, but also at the beginning of this season, I proposed to Parliament a partnership that should have restored the confidence of the public in this institution and would have brought a different way of doing things in politics. Within that partnership there are projects that have been carried out and which are steps forward as far as the citizens’ expectations are concerned, and that is a fact worth being appreciated’, Klaus Iohannis states on Facebook.

The president however admits to not being very satisfied with all results, and gives the example of the right to vote for Romanians based abroad, meaning the distance voting.

‘I am not particularly happy with all results, but I am aware of the fact that, politically speaking, a minimal common denominator has been identified. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the solution for assuring the right to vote to Romanians in the Diaspora – the distance voting. Despite the public commitment made, I cannot see a genuine will of the majority to support such a project’, he noted.

Iohannis was not fully satisfied with the attitude of officials to Justice requests. ‘Things are not any better regarding the Justice requests either. On the contrary. A strong Romania is a country where no one is above the law and where top-level corruption is no longer a weakness of the performance of the state. I said at the beginning that Romania would gradually find that state where it is normal for laws to be observed, for one to show minimal decency in politics and to take a step back when you hurt the image or your own country, where it is normal to separate institutions from private individuals. No matter how much some resist that now, we are already down that road and the moment will not be late to arrive. That’s because this is what people here want and because this means being a powerful country in Europe and in the world’, Iohannis said.

Klaus Werner Iohannis has been the President of Romania since 21 December 2014. He had been a teacher of Physics and school inspector before he was elected as the Mayor of Sibiu in 2000, and re-elected in 2004, 2008 and 2012.


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