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November 27, 2021

Damen Galati Shipyard launches 11th platform supply vessel

The Damen Galati Shipyard has launched on Wednesday its 11th platform supply vessel and the 2nd one ordered by Nigeria’s LATC marine operator.

With a length of 80 meters, a width of 16.2 meters and a draught of 6 meters, the ship can carry 32 persons – crew and passengers – and can reach a speed of 13.5 knots (approximately 25 kilometres per hour).

The ship’s main use will be the transport of various cargos – fuel, drinkable water, cement, drilling mud, drilling rods – as well as crews to and from offshore drilling platforms off the coast of West Africa. The ship can also carry conventional containers. At the same time, it can be operated as a fire fighting ship and is equipped with equipment against marine pollution.

The ships of this type were built at Damen Galati in collaboration with the Damen Gorinchem Shipyard in the Netherlands, which ensured the ships’ design and offered the main equipment, the construction and completion of the ships taking place in Galati.

“The construction of this kind of platform supply vessels in Galati, Romania, proves once more, if needed, that the Damen Galati Shipyard is capable to build any type of technical ship at superior standards,” company CEO Christopher van der Stelt stated.


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