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September 26, 2021

Energy Ministry specifications: Green energy should enter the market without state financial support schemes too

Energy Minister Andrei Gerea offers clarifications in what concerns the ministry’s and the government’s position vis-à-vis renewable energy and Romania’s energy mix. In what concerns renewable energy, Andrei Gerea points out that it should be seen in the wider context of the national energy system’s activity, but also from the point of view of the need to ensure energy security. At the same time, in what concerns the support schemes for the production of green energy the important thing is the impact that they have on the price paid by end consumers and its degree of supportability, because “Romania cannot afford major energy price hikes over a very short time span.”

According to Andrei Gerea, Romania has a diversified energy mix, the ministry’s policy focusing on maintaining a balance at this level. Thus, the continued exploitation of conventional resources is planned in parallel with the implementation of new technologies. The exclusive development of certain technologies can present risks, including risks that concern the security and safety of supply. Rendering coal-based energy production systems efficient can also be a solution for Romania’s energy mix against the backdrop of investments and support from the state.

In what concerns the energy produced from renewable sources, the minister stated that in time it should manage to enter the market without support schemes too, this being possible through the improvement of technologies and their gradual implementation. “We have to find a balance between keeping the country’s energy capability and security and the need to develop clean energy, innovative energy,” Mr. Andrei Gherea stated.


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