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March 31, 2023

Ghita: The plan of the Opposition is to humiliate Ponta, Iohannis will propose a minority government

MP Sebastian Ghita declared on Wednesday evening at Romania TV that the plan of the opposition is to humiliate Ponta, forcing him to resign so that, afterwards, President Klaus Iohannis would propose a Prime Minister with a minority Government.

“The plan of the Opposition is to humiliate Ponta, to have police arrest him at the airport and to force him to resign. The plan of PNL members and people supporting them is to make a minority Government. People making this plan endlessly repeat that, after Ponta will be defeated by any means, Iohannis will propose a Prime Minister and a minority Government. Their reason for rushing Ponta’s defeat is that the members of the Parliament do not want the dissolution of the Parliament and that they will vote for any Government”, Sebastian Ghita mentioned for Romania TV.

The Deputy added that the Government may be overturned two ways: the Prime Minister’s resignation or a motion of censure.

“The fall of a Government can be achieved two ways: either the Prime Minister resigns and he had said tonight that he did not want to do it, or the Government is removed by a motion of censure, which cannot happen any more.

The plan is simple: to humiliate him, to drag him to the police station, to have masked officers arrest him at the airport and to make whatever they can to put Romania’s Prime Minister in awkward and humiliating situations, in order to make him resign.

They know they have no other chance and then, they will forbid him to enter the building of the Government just as they think they can forbid me, a Deputy of Romania, to go to the Parliament and to exercise my position, my quality as a Deputy, without reading what the Constitution says”, Sebastian Ghita mentioned.

The PSD Deputy also added that the prosecutor prohibited him to talk to Prime Minister Ponta, although the latter has no quality in the respective file.

“The prosecutor forbade me to talk to Ponta, although he has no quality in the file: he is neither a witness, nor a suspect”, the Deputy also mentioned.


“I will bring to the Parliament recordings with the DNA prosecutor and I will demand protection to the Prosecutor General”


Deputy Sebastian Ghita declared that he would bring the Parliament recordings showing that the DNA prosecutor interrogating him had threatened a few businesspersons in Ploiesti, who were interrogated on their turn, that they will be imprisoned if they reveal anything about him. The PSD Deputy also mentioned that he would demand protection from the Prosecutor General of Romania.

“I will bring to the Romanian Parliament proof and declarations of a few businesspersons in Ploiesti who can prove that the prosecutor has promised them various things if they attacked Ghita. When these people have told him that they do not know me and that they have nothing to declare against me, Prosecutor Onea threatened them that he would keep them under arrest for 30 days. I have this proof and I will bring it on Monday to the Prosecutor General of Romania. I understood that Onea was a DNA prosecutor, but I cannot believe that, in this country, if a prosecutor is from DNA, he is infallible, that he cannot make mistakes, that he cannot have bad intentions and that he cannot build his career on the work and sweat of other people, who have worked hard for dozens of years”, Ghita declared for B1 TV.

He added that we was to prove that the prosecutor has violated the law and that he would demand protection from the General Prosecutor of Romania.


“I will ask the SRI Control Committee to reveal the number of politicians recorded during campaigns”


Deputy Sebastian Ghita also declared on Wednesday that he would demand the SRI Control Committee in the Parliament to present data such as the number of politicians recorded during electoral campaigns, but also before these. Thus, the PSD Deputy wondered whether these recordings are not used politically, to favour a certain candidate or party.

“I will ask these data from the SRI Committee and you will see how many politicians were recorded during electoral campaigns and before electoral campaign with national security warrants and prosecutor warrants.

You will see that we will find out the number of these monitored politicians and we will realize that these recordings are kept for several years and used whenever it is needed”, Sebastian Ghita declared for B1 TV.

The Deputy justified his position by referring to his experience and to the knowledge he has accumulated as a member of the SRI Control Committee.

Sebastian Ghita rhetorically asked whether these recordings are not used for political purposes.

Sebastian Ghita, criminally prosecuted in the Hertanu file, appeared on Wednesday at DNA Ploiesti, where he was announced that prosecutors were expanding the criminal inquiry for new corruption offences as well. Sebastian Ghita is prohibited to complete any activity as Deputy in Romania’s Parliament, the position he had held while committing the offences, and to leave the locality of Ploiesti without the previous approval of the assigned prosecutor, a press release issued by DNA points out.

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate announced on Wednesday that DNA prosecutors of the Ploiesti branch have ordered a change in the conditions of release on probation, with additional demands such as not to do any of his assigned tasks as a Deputy and not to leave the locality Ploiesti.

According to a press release by DNA, prosecutors have decided to change the conditions of previously ordered and prolonged release of probation, imposing regulations such as: banning Ghita to complete any activity as Deputy in the Romanian Parliament, the position he had held while allegedly committing the offences, leaving the locality of Ploiesti without an approval by the assigned prosecutor.

DNA mentioned that the measure of release on probation with the new regulations is applied starting on June 24 and until August 14, when the measure expires.

The quoted source outlines that the additional obligations in the content of the probation were determined by the expansion of the criminal inquiry against Sebastian Ghita for influence peddling, complicity to European fund embezzlement, continued money laundering, continued tax evasion, corrupting voters and continued completion of financial operations, as acts of commerce, incompatible with Ghita’s public position.







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