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April 12, 2021

H.E. Mrs. Andrea Gustović – Ercegovac, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Romania: Croatian National Day

It’s my honor and privilege, to present you on the occasion of the Croatian National Day, which is precisely today, 25th of June, Republic of Croatia, and relations with Romania.

Here I will quote a Canadian scholar:

Croatia is an ancient nation, yet a young nation state. Once a formidable kingdom under Tomislav in the tenth century, a naval power in the sixteenth and seventeenth, and an awakening national entity in the nineteenth, it had to endure a thousand years of foreign incursions before being recognized 25 years ago.

But in spite of being a young nation state we established really enviable multilayer relations with Romania. Last four years we had more than 60 mutual visits on the level of ministers and higher levels, including the official visit of Romanian president Iohannis last week to Zagreb. Relations are based on bilateral basis but also on sharing common visions within NATO and European Union. Danube strategy opens new horizons of opportunities.

Parliamentary dimension of diplomacy took the special role and relation between Croatian and Romanian parliamentarians became frequent and deeper which give us a broader chance to know each other much better. In a cultural field special emphasis was put on film, literature and linguistics. Having an old Croatian minority on Romanian soil for many centuries, gives the solid basis for that.

My mandate here is close to its end and it is time for a recapitulation of what I saw and experienced here and what we have done together with our Romanian colleagues gives me a great pleasure. An appreciation goes to each of you that responded to our celebration and my parting words.

Romania to me made a strong impression: people, land, geographical position, future. People here kept values that are too often relativized. You have a rich land that others unfortunately too often saw and wanted. But for today’s Romania opportunities for development are impressive.

I take many warm memories of people and events from here. Professionally and privately I managed to maintained deep friendships and understandings that will carry me on further in life.

Croatia and Romania share a good deal of geography, Southeast Europe and I am sure that the cooperation will be even more intense and deeper. An especially good future lays in economic cooperation which is still at the beginning. We still shyly enter into the business relations.

Croatian coast became one of the major magnets for those who want to spend a long weekend sailing between the islands of peaceful Adriatic, or being relaxed in the immediate vicinity of their country, without the crowds and noise on the azure beaches. Young people from Romania and Croatia with great interest recently reveal each other and there is also a pledge of momentum for stronger relations.

I want to thank to the newspaper Nine O’Clock which I read with joy every morning at 9 o’clock for more than four years. Congratulations on the professionalism and on always being up to date and also on the understanding of the Croatian themes and anniversaries.

Our success in developing good relations between our two countries I owe to my dear colleagues from the embassy, whose team efforts brought results. Gratitude goes to very professional associates from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other state institutions. Warm words I have for the diplomatic corps in Bucharest, which is very correct, professional and human. Special valuable support came from a small but powerful group of ladies ambassadors.

Although my mandate in Romania and Republic of Moldova ends, I will always feel the need with my experience and knowledge to contribute to the reputation of those two countries.




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