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January 19, 2021

Admiral Ferguson: Trident Joust exercise proves NATO capability to move control centre

Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples Commander, Admiral Mark Ferguson told a news conference in Fagaras on Thursday, on the Distinguished Visitors Day of Trident Joust 15 exercise that NATO for the first time, by means of the exercise in nearby Cincu, Brasov county proves its capability to physically move the control centre from one location to another.

Trident Joust proves the adaptation capability of the allied forces within a joint command, which act as NATO response forces. Also, for the first time by means of this exercise our capability is proved to physically change the control centre from one location to another during an exercise scenario, Admiral Ferguson said, according to Agerpres.

According to the JFC Naples Commander, Cincu exercise involves 25 nations and over 1,000 persons, who participate in a deployment environment focused on collective defence “as appears in article V of the scenario that lies at the basis of our action”.

Taking part in the exercise are units from Italy, Romania and Bulgaria, but this also entails the achievement of a connection with the Romanian live-fire military exercise Viforul 15, in which 150 soldiers are taking part. Furthermore, in Sofia, Bulgaria, the Common Logistic Support Group is served by 100 soldiers and acts as part of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples, it acts as a logistic command of the operation theatre in order to help Trident Joust 15, Admiral Ferguson underscored.

Also participating in the Distinguished Visitors Day were Romania’s Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca and JFC Deputy Commander, Lieutenant General Michael Day.

Participating in Trident Joust 15 being conducted in Cincu June 17 through 28 are, for the first time, structures of the Joint Force Command Naples temporarily moved to Romania; the transfer of the command and control of the NATO Response Force to this temporary location was also achieved for the first time.


Chief of General Staff Ciuca: NATO exercises in Romania not offensive


Romania’s Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca says all the military exercises on Romanian territory are held within the adaptation and assurance measures adopted at the Allied Summit in Wales and are not offensive, but defence preparations.

In a press conference in Fagaras on the Distinguished Visitors Day of the Trident Joust 14 exercise on Thursday, the general declared that the exercise was planned since last year.

The Romanian Ministry of Defence mentions that the Joint Logistics Support Group also moved its command – to Bulgaria – to practice its capacity of support to the Trident Joust 15 exercise.

Trident Joust is a component of the Allied Shield series of training events; it concentrates on increasing the interoperability, operational capability and response of the NATO member and partner states.




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