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April 23, 2021

National Flag Day celebrated in military, church ceremonies: Acting PM Oprea, Defence Minister honour the largest Romanian Flag in Harghita county

On June 26, Romania’s National Flag Day, soldiers of Romania’s large garrisons have  attended today public national flag hoisting ceremonies.

In Bucharest, the ceremony devoted to the National Flag Day started at 10:00hrs, EEST, in the Tricolour Square, in the vicinity of the National Military Hall, organised by the Defence Ministry, the Bucharest Prefecture and the Bucharest Mayoralty.

Also  taking part in the event were  soldiers voluntarily organised in the ”Invictus România” group, which launched a public challenge related to the respect for the national heroes and the national flag, as well as WWII veteran retired Second Lieutenant Bogdan Ioan Petru, who turns 90 on June 26.

The flag was  blessed by a military priest and hoisted to the tunes of Romania’s national anthem.

At 18:00hrs, the music band of the 30th Mihai Viteazul Guard Regiment will stage a concert in the Carol I Park, while at 21:30hrs the soldiers will join in a march carrying a 50-m long flag and torches following a route that comprises the Universitatii Square – Bd. Regina Elisabeta – Opera Square – Carol I National Defence University – Cotroceni Palace- the headquarters of the regiment.

”Invictus Romania,” a group of volunteer soldiers that love sports has been set up in order to increase awareness of the civilians over the respect and treasuring of veterans, wounded soldiers, invalids and the survivors of soldiers who die in action, the Defence Ministry reports, quoted by Agerpres.

Staff officers of the Navy also took part in the public ceremony in the Tricolour Square.

June 26 was was established as the National Flag Day under Law 96/1998.


Acting PM Oprea, Defence Minister  Dusa  participate in  Miercurea Ciuc ceremonies


The largest Romanian national flag – the tricolour – in Harghita County was raised in the county seat of Miercurea Ciuc on Friday with Acting Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea and Defence Minister Mircea Dusa attending.

The 28-square meters flag was hoisted on a 22-meters high mast on the premises of Harghita Police County Inspectorate, while the national anthem was being played.

Attending the ceremony were around 3,000 people, some of them wearing traditional costumes and holding the Romanian tricolour in their hands.

Oprea received the honours from the Guard of Honour and then he addressed the audience, underscoring he was proud to honour the Romanian flag in Miercurea Ciuc, as he stressed the flag “is a symbol of the Romanian state, a national, sovereign and independent, unitary and indivisible state”.

“As a military, I have particular respect for the fundamental values of the Romanian state and you know me, I will never hesitate to assert that the national interest unites a people and gives force to a nation. By honouring the national symbols, we keep our energy as a nation alive, because it is from here that we draw our power to overcome the hardships and move on. The current geopolitical context, the external challenges Romania must face are as many reasons for each of us to prove today our attachment to the national values”, the caretaker head of Government said.

Oprea congratulated Harghita policemen for the move to hoist the largest flag in the county and thanked the institutions that have made such an event possible.

Defence Minister Dusa stressed the national symbols are special values for the military and each of us must respect these symbols.

“We must respect our values, we must respect our national symbols and particularly the tricolour flag, it represents the independence, represents the sovereignty and represents the unity of the Romanian people. That is why, on this day of great celebration of the Romanians, the acting prime minister and I wanted to be in Miercurea Ciuc, to hoist the tricolour flag on this high mast. Happy anniversary the flag of Romania, happy anniversary Romanians”, the defence minister said in an address on this occasion.

Bishop Andrei Moldovan of Covasna and Harghita, who blessed the flag late on Thursday, said that for the county residents, this day was “like a holy Easter Day”.

The ceremony ended in an honour parade by units of the 30th Mihai Viteazul Guard Regiment, the Guard and Military Ceremonies Detachment of the Romanian Gendarmerie, the forces of the Romanian Police’s Intervention and Special Action Service, the Special Operation Forces of the 6th Special Operations Brigade, troops of Miercurea Ciuc-based 61st Mountain Brigade, Harghita Emergency Situations Inspectorate’s fire brigade and students of Cluj-based School of Police Agents.

The largest tricolour in Harghita so far measured 24 sq m and was raised at Tulghes last year.


MAE: Tricolour, a witness of defining historical moments


The national flag is to the Romanian diplomacy the supreme symbol of fulfilling the most important duty of defending and promoting the national interest abroad, of working to the benefit of the Romanian nationals and also of representing the country abroad in an honouring and professional manner, Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said Friday.

The Foreign Ministry (MAE) is hailing the National Flag Day, saying the flag is one of the most important symbols that kept Romanians united around a belief, a vision or joy.

“To the Romanian diplomacy, the tricolour national flag is the supreme symbol of fulfilling the most important duty of defending and promoting the national interest abroad, of working to the benefit of Romanian nationals wherever they may be and also of representing the country abroad in an honouring and professional manner. Hoisting the Romanian flag brings with it a feeling of security, pride and belongingness to the national values, especially to the Romanians how are far from home – working, studying abroad, in war theatres, on peace-keeping, diplomatic or consular missions. That is the power of the national flag, which we are honouring today as diplomats,” MAE quotes Aurescu as saying in a press statement.

According to MAE, the tricolour was a witness of defining moments in the history of the Romanian nation.

“From the 1848 Revolution to the Independence War, from the two world wars to the December 1989 Revolution, from the signing of Romania’s accession treaties with NATO and the EU to the victories of Romanian athletes in international competitions, the tricolour has gathered around it Romanians united around a belief, a vision and joy,” MAE says.

On June 26, Romania’s National Flag Day, Romanian embassies, consular offices and cultural institutes abroad hold events to mark the day and actions promoting Romanian traditions and cultural identity.

MAE says among the events are Romanian poetry recitals, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, presentation of Romanian traditions and attendance of folklore festivals.


Former President Basescu, on Flag Day: It’s most important to carry it within the soul


The National Flag Day is the “day of the most important national symbol”, said, on Friday, former President Traian Basescu, emphasizing that most important is to carry it in your soul.

“It is the day of the most important national symbol, THE FLAG. You may drape it on buildings, in your courtyard, above your window, on your balcony, on the ship mast or you may wear it as a pin on the lapel of your coat. It’s most important, however, to carry it in your soul”, said the former President, on Friday, on his social media account.










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