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June 26, 2022

PSD, between disorientation and collapse

Social Democrat Party (PSD) political coordinator Liviu Dragnea (photo) admitted, during a televised interview, Wednesday night, to the fact that Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, currently in Turkey, had not consulted with anyone when he decided who his replacement would be for the period of his unavailability, estimated at ‘two-three weeks maximum’.

‘The situation will be settled in the party in two-three weeks. We will address all political topics and all government topics. Unfortunately, this Government has been besieged. Those of us who have been on this Government have done our duty’, Dragnea also said.

Moreover, the politician stressed that PSD members were disoriented and needed a clarification of the situation of the party.

‘Ponta’s resignation is not at question. When Ponta comes, we should have an open discussion. There is a rather odd state in PSD, a state of disorientation and unclarity. The people want things to be clarified quickly. Starting this autumn, parties will be seriously preparing for the next election’, Dragnea said.

In this context, Liviu Dragnea noted that PSD wanted to keep the Government. Although he said that the decision that Gabriel Oprea should be the acting prime-minister was a ‘natural’ one, since he was the only deputy prime-minister in the Cabinet, Liviu Dragnea did say, on TVR1, that Victor Ponta ‘had not consulted anyone.

Asked why a representative of a party ‘with a small percentage’ had been chosen, although the Government was a political one, Dragnea said ‘things operate a bit differently in a  government’, but did not give any details.

Asked why an Army general had been chosen for the post, given that we were not at war, Liviu Dragnea said Gabriel Oprea ‘is not an inefficient minister’.


Catalin Ivan augurs ‘collapse’ of PSD


European Parliament member Catalin Ivan posted a message on a social media network Wednesday night, he claims he had received from a ‘PSD mayor with several terms served and with many electoral battles won’, whose name or other details he does not disclose.

‘All latest events are disastrous for PSD. We are going down so evidently that we can almost feel it physically. Has this party still a chance?’ is the text reportedly received by Ivan and posted on his Facebook page.

After Gabriel Oprea has taken over as acting prime-minister, the Social-Democrats, advised by Victor Ponta, initially showed support for the new temporary leader of the Government, although they did not forget the circumstances under which he had defected from PSD to support the Boc Government or how he had more recently threatened he would remove his party from the Government.

One of the persons who cannot forget what happens is PSD MP Madalin Voicu, who attacks the current acting PM as vehemently as he can.

‘I am not Okay with Gabriel Oprea confiscating national interest in a populist manner and creating a fad out of it. Mr. Oprea is leading a ghost-party that never existed to the vote and that never ran in elections’, Madalin Voicu said on Antena 3 TV Tuesday night, referring to the fact that UNPR had always had access to seats in Parliament only thanks to its political alliances with bigger parties.


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