PNL’s Blaga: Romania is not immersed in a political crisis, Ponta’s persistence not to resign office may influence the CVM

Co-Chairman of the opposition’s National Liberal Party (PNL) Vasile Blaga said on Saturday in Piatra Neamt that Romania is not immersed in a political crisis, but that Premier Victor Ponta’s persistence not to resign office despite being probed may influence the CVM and the country’s envisaged Schengen accession.

“Romania’s current situation – some say it’s a political crisis, but I don’t think so – is due to Victor Ponta. With his daily actions, or non-actions, he causes the little credibility he still enjoys to further crumble. Even his party colleagues are asking him to step down from the formation’s helm. Not only does he defy the people, but he is seriously harming Romania. Joining the Schengen Area and claiming a position as first-class citizens is getting increasingly difficult. The CVM shouldn’t be linked to our Schengen accession, but for political reasons our bid has failed and Ponta just gives them grist to mill. We don’t pronounce him guilty, everybody should stand under the presumption of innocence, but he cannot enjoy a different treatment than his fellow MPs or the citizens of Romania. He cannot go on lying brazenly. Didn’t he claim that he would resign if criminal proceedings were initiated against him? And there he is, doing otherwise. As an opposition party, we need to make every effort, by legal means, to make him realize there is no other way for him than to step down, for the best of Romania and of his party too,” Blaga said.


Gorghiu: We want to dismiss a toxic Gov’t


In her turn, PNL Co-Chairperson Alina Gorghiu reiterated that the Liberals will start next week a one-million signature campaign calling for Premier Ponta’s resignation from office.

“We want to dismiss a toxic government and a compromised Prime Minister. It is my belief that the Prime Minister will understand he must step down and this is why I am sure our signature collecting campaign won’t last long. Romania deserves a better PM, and an untainted government. Any day Victor Ponta stays on at the Victoria Palace of Government means big losses for Romania’s credibility. National interest should be placed ahead of his personal interest,” said Gorghiu.

PNL Co-Chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga are meeting in Neamt County with party rank and file members from Moldavia counties, as well as with the Liberal women, with the latter event taking place at Durau.


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