STEP2SUCCESS project: SME authority offers free training programmes to 1,100 women

By this October, 1,100 women in Romania can benefit from free training programmes by means of the project called STEP2SUCCESS – the Promotion of Equal Chances for Women in the Job Market implemented by the National Council of the Small and Medium-Sized Private Businesses of Romania in partnership with Market Scope company.

“Discrimination in the workplace still exists, and maternity is the main reason for discrimination. This phenomenon has education and mentality as its main causes. Women generally work more, for lower pay, but they are more thorough than men. Discrimination between men and women in the top positions is less often, but it becomes emphasised in the case of the basic positions or average-level positions in a company’, said Marian Gherghescu, STEP2SUCCESS implementation consultant on the occasion of the conference meant to unveil the project on Friday.

The specific objectives of the project relate enhancing the degree of women’s employment in the labour market by training and re-training courses for a minimum 660 women, organising programmes for entrepreneurial competences for 320 women and granting assistance for starting a business for at least 100 women.

The training and re-training courses aim at such trades as dressmaker, data introduction, validation and processing operator, home carer for elderly, barber-hair-stylist-manicurist-pedicurist, baby-sitter, shop assistant, knitwear-clothing worker. The project also provides counselling for starting a business, Agerpres informs.


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