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May 7, 2021

Victor Ponta to stay one more week in Turkey: insistent appeals from PSD for his return

The Prime Minister will spend one more week in Turkey, sources within the Social Democrat Party (PSD) pointed out. The reason presented by Ponta is that doctors allegedly decided he had not fully recovered after his knee surgery. Several PSD leaders demand Victor Ponta to stop his recovery vacation that followed his Turkey surgery and to return to the country. “He must tell us clearly what he wants to do”, Marian Oprisan, leader of PSD Vrancea, transmitted Ponta. Things are not going well in the Government, and the situation inside the party is similar, Oprisan also mentioned. The same message, in other words, was issued by other PSD leaders as well.

On Saturday, former Vice-Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea declared that the PSD leader was thinking about returning to the country, yet, he is difficult to be carried at this point. On the other hand, though, Liviu Dragnea launched a warning for UNPR as well.

Liviu Dragnea, one of the politicians who have requested Victor Ponta to return to the country as fast as possible, announced that the Prime Minister has to spend some time more in Turkey.

“Ponta is doing his best and seeking all alternatives of safe transportation. My strong belief is that he wishes to return to the country, because he understands that an incoherence has appeared inside the coalition and in the act of governing. Things are starting to get stabilized in the party, after I visited some of the branches in the country”, Dragnea said.

Even if he admits that both the coalition and the party have experienced some rough times, Liviu Dragnea assured local PSD leaders that they will remain in the Government.

“Everybody is awaiting Ponta to come back to the country, all of them want to remain in the Government, with Ponta as Prime Minister. Yet, on the other hand, they see the things the way I see them: PSD is not a party to be led like an army”,  Liviu Dragnea declared.

On Wednesday night, PSD coordinator Liviu Dragnea declared that there was a “state of confusion inside the branches” in the party, and that it would be better if Victor Ponta “made an effort, even a painful one” to return.

Liviu Dragnea repeated on Thursday, in Oradea, this friendly invitation to Ponta.


PSD, warning for UNPR: We cannot stay in the Government under any circumstances


The PSD political coordinator issued the first serious warning to UNPR officials, after Gabriel Oprea’s party adopted a radically opposed position to the one announced by Social-Democrats on Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s nomination as Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

“We want to stay in the Government, but, as any normal and sane party, we cannot stay in the Government under any circumstances, and I am referring to our natural wish to not be captive in our own Government. When you are the main party and you gave the Prime Minister, obviously, we join our forces to discuss, but you cannot be the mere executioner of political tasks”, Liviu Dragnea declared.

At the same time, Liviu Dragnea keeps calling Victor Ponta to return in the country. And he is not the only Social-Democrat leader to believe that party stability was damaged.

“I have told Ponta both privately and publicly that he has to seek ways to return to the country and to complete his recovery here. It is a time when this absence damages both the party and the coalition”, Liviu Dragnea declared.

“He needs to return, because there is a certain amount of unrest in the basic structures of the party, connected to the Government and the situation of the party. As soon as he returns, I am positive that things will get sorted out”, Adrian Tutuianu, President of PSD Dambovita said.

“PSD is not going through a great situation right now. It is natural that people need Victor Ponta and that, first of all, they need to know as soon as possible what happens to the Government, as well as to the party. At this time, it is necessary that Victor Ponta returns home, yet, Victor Ponta should not risk permanently damaging his health”, Florin Iordache, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies declared.

“It is necessary for him to be in the country and to establish the strategy of the party, but we must also keep in mind the exhaustion he had accumulated in the past three years”, Maria Precup, Mayor of the Municipality of Reghin pointed out.

“You know, when a boss leaves somewhere, his subordinates do whatever they please”, Cornel Lungan, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Lupeni said.

Yet, the most powerful message came from PSD Vrancea leader Marian Oprisan.


Marian Oprisan: Victor Ponta must return to his position immediately!


Marian Oprisan, the Head of the Vrancea County Council, declared on Thursday evening that Victor Ponta must “return to his position immediately.”

“Victor Ponta must return to the country as soon as possible. His duty is to return fast and to tell us clearly what he intends to do. If Victor Ponta fails to understand this, it is not good”, Marian Oprisan declared for Realitatea TV.

He also said that Victor Ponta had to return “to his position immediately, as things were not going well for the party and for the Government”, Mediafax reported.

Marian Oprisan also launched an attack against President Klaus Iohannis, declaring that he was similar to Traian Basescu and that he had wanted all power from the very beginning. Also, the Head of the Vrancea County Countil expressed his discontentment with the collaboration of the Government and the President and explained that it would have been better that, instead of such cohabitation, PSD would have handed over complete power to Klaus Iohannis.


PSD Senator: If Victor Ponta gives up and resigns, his career is over. We will find another Prime Minister


There are also PSD leaders who are conditioning the political support granted to Victor Ponta on his intention to continue governing. PSD Senator Daniel Savu declared in an interview broadcasted on TV that Victor Ponta was aware of this position inside the party.

“If Mr. Ponta gives up this battle and resigns, although he has no reason whatsoever to do it, he loses all support from the party and his career is over, and we will seek another Prime Minister. This thing was announced to Mr. Ponta by the Executive Committee of the party”,  Daniel Savu, PSD Senator warns.


PSD leader: We are risking a split inside the party. Ponta should have dealt with the issues of the party first and his personal ones later.


A PSD leader thinks that there is the risk of a split inside PSD and that Victor Ponta should focus on the issues of the party first and to deal with his personal ones later.

“Definitely, the latest events are truly affecting the party. Also, I think that the greatest danger PSD must acknowledge at this time is not Victor Ponta, I think, but the split inside the party. If I have seen all sorts of scisions in the right wing of the political scale, fusions, rearrangements, alliances and ceases of alliances, the left wing has always been pretty settled throughout the years, and this danger of a split inside the party should be our main concern, I think. Victor Ponta should manage very well the issues of the party, first of all, and to deal with his personal problem after, Decebal Fagadau, President of the municipality branch of PSD Constanta declared.

He also announced that, based on messages received by PSD leaders, Victor Ponta was to return to the country next week.

“I think that both my the messages he had issued and by the messages he had received from the national leaders of PSD, Ponta will reduce his time of recovery in Turkey and I think that he will return to the country sometimes next week, and a decision will be adopted inside the party. I am confident that Victor Ponta, whom I know as a responsible and serious leader, will consider the impact on the party when reaching a decision”, the President of the municipality branch of PSD Constanta declared.

Asked whether he thought Victor Ponta should keep leading the party or not, Decebal Fagadau refused to answer.

Also, asked whether there were other persons as well who would be able to lead PSD instead of Victor Ponta, Fagadau said that there were plenty of them, mentioning the names of Rovana Plumb, Valeriu Zgonea and Liviu Dragnea.

Decebal Fagadau also stated that PSD Constanta did not matter at national level lately, because they were granted no position in the central leadership.

Fagadau, also interim Mayor of Constanta, was reelected on Saturday in the position of President of the municipality branch of PSD Constanta, and was voted unanimously, as he was the sole applicant. He had held this position since 2013.

Also, he had declared that over one hundred persons left the party after Radu Mazare resigned from PSD, mentioning that Mazare would not return to the party even after his legal issues are cleared.



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