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January 24, 2022

Liberals want to oust Ponta from CSAT

PNL Senator Marius Balu tabled in the Senate a bill proposing the suspension of the right to participate in Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meetings for the members who are under criminal investigation. He says the idea came to him from the situation of Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, investigated into in Dan Sova’s case.

The Liberal MP of Mehedinti thinks that a CSAT member who has been placed under criminal investigation should no longer attend the meetings discussing subjects related to national security.

‘The latest CSAT meeting drew my attention to an unimaginable situation – the CSAT Vice-President, the Prime-Minister of Romania, who had been placed under criminal investigation, did participate in a meeting discussing national security. Of course he is presumed innocent, but what if he’s guilty? How can we accept that a criminal offender participates in meetings discussing such important matters? This is why I have come up with this initiative that subjects of criminal investigation may not attend meetings of the Supreme Defence Council. Those people represent institutions during the meetings. We are not talking about people, but institutions. Someone else could have represented the institution of the Government, not the PM’, Marius Balu told Mediafax on Saturday.

The draft law has been submitted to the Senate by Marius Balu and the Standing Bureau is now to set the date when it will be discussed by the relevant Committees.

Senator Marius Balu is Co-President of PNL Mehedinti.

Under the current law, the prime-minister in office is the Vice-President of the Supreme Defence Council.


PSD’s Firea: Politicised initiative


The bill tabled by PNL Senator Marius Balu, which proposes, starting from the Ponta case, the suspension of the rights of members under criminal investigation to participate in CSAT meeting, is a politicised initiative, says PSD’s spokeswoman Gabriela Firea, as a Senator.

‘It is a politicised initiative. In a rule of law-based state you cannot make laws against certain persons. But what can we expect from an ex-PDL top representative whose government cut pensions, wages and raised the value-added tax?’ Firea says in a release.


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