PM Ponta: SocDems to vote against or abstain on Foreign Intelligence Service head nominee

On-leave Prime Minister Victor Ponta says his Social Democrat Party (PSD) will vote in Parliament against the nomination of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu as director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), or not vote at all. Ponta declared to B1 TV broadcaster on Sunday he had discussed the matter with his party fellows.

“Tomorrow [Monday] the PSD holds the meeting of the Standing National Bureau led by Rovana Plumb. (…) It is a political decision taken by the party leadership and then discussed with our parliamentary groups. The political decision discussed in the PSD will be to vote against or not vote at all. It’s the same thing,” Ponta explained.

His first argument was that President Klaus Iohannis did not inform him directly about Ungureanu’s nomination.

“Firstly, the lack of respect and the contempt of Mr. Iohannis for all the important things. I heard about the nomination from the media. I don’t know where Mr. Oprea got the information from. (…) Mr. Iohannis sees all of us like serves on his fiefdom, having to execute orders. PSD does not execute Mr. Iohannis’s orders, especially when they’re wrong,” Ponta asserted.


“On my first day back in the country, I will go to the prosecutor’s office”


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Sunday that as soon as he is back in the country, he will go to the prosecutor’s office. He was speaking to B1TV broadcaster about a case in which he is involved, currently in the criminal prosecution phase.

“The case is currently in the prosecution phase, given that eight years have passed since then. On my first day back in the country, certainly, I will go to the prosecutor’s office”, Ponta stated.

Asked whether the prosecutor can decide on the manner in which the investigation is conducted, Ponta said: “Of course, everything that is included in the Criminal prosecution code. We are already living in a different legal reality. Had I made the statements that are being made today, while being a prosecutor, I would have been sacked immediately”.

Ponta explained that, despite being elected in their positions, numerous mayors, county chairs and MPs have lost their seats.

“Look around, you see, this is the greatest issue and I understand the unrest within the PSD] as well. What I don’t understand is the tranquility within the PNL I find it slightly ill-considered. The question is why are we participating in elections with the mayors, with county chairs, with PMs, with a prime minister, if afterwards, somehow, none of them is in office,” Ponta added.


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