Processing industry, construction, trade and services managers anticipate growths in their sectors

The managers in the processing industry, construction, retail trade and services anticipate growths in their respective activities over June-August, the National Institute for Statistics (INS) announced on Monday.
According to the short-term inquiry for this June, the managers in the processing industry anticipate moderate increase in the production volume (+7pct short-term balance) in the next three months. There will be a growing trend for some activities, namely: beverage making (+39pct short-term balance) and the tobacco industry (+36pct short-term balance). For the prices of the industrial products, the managers predict relative stability in the coming three months (0pct short-term balance). The number of workers is seen staying relatively stable, with the short-term balance of +3pct for the overall processing industry.
As regards the construction activity, the managers believe it will record an increase in the production volume (+18pct short-term balance). They estimate a moderate rise in the number of workers (+9pct short-term balance) and in the stock of contracts and orders (+12pct short-term balance). The prices of the building works are predicted to stay relatively stable (+2pct short-term balance).
In retail trade, the managers anticipate the next three moths will see a steep rise in the economic activity (+48pct short-term balance) and in the volume of orders aimed at the suppliers of goods to the shops (+41pct short-term balance). The employers predict a moderate increase in the number of staff in the next three months (+9pct short-term balance).
For the period ahead, the commercial companies managers estimate a moderate drop in the retail sale prices (-11pct short-term balance), the Institute said.
According to the estimates for this June, the demand for services (turnover) will see a moderate rise June through August (+10pct short-term balance).
A moderate increase in the number of the workers in the services sector is expected (+6pct short-term balance). According to the managers’ opinion, the sale or invoicing prices for the services will be on a relatively stable trend (-1pct short-term balance).


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