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October 3, 2022

Echoes to Parliament vote on SIE Director: While opposition exults for their victory, PSD says the coalition is functional

Co-Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Vasile Blaga said on Tuesday that the number of votes registered in Parliament for the appointment of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu to the helm of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) would have been enough for the investiture of a full ruling line-up.

“The number of votes registered today would have been sufficient to support an entire government and I think you noticed that, except for PSD, Mr. Tariceanu’s party I even don’t know how to name, and PMP, the votes came from all the other parliamentary groups. So far we have demonstrated today PNL’s capability to pool votes cast when it comes to important matters; we cannot say more today, but for sure, the number of votes would have been enough to greenlight an entire government,” Blaga said in Parliament.

Gorghiu: I expected PSD not to be able to witness a new defeat in Parliament


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Alina Gorghiu in a Facebook post said she expected the Social Democrats “not to be able to witness another defeat in Parliament,” thanking all MPS who through their presence and vote made possible the appointment of Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu as Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) ehad.

“I expected PSD not to be able to assist another defeat in Romania’s Parliametnt And it is even funny that the PSD group leader invoked others’ speeches, except for the Ponta’s cordial speech addressed to Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu in 2012. Indeed, they had a series of failures; last week, a majority for the National Defence Strategy, now another majority for the appointment of the SIE head… we all know what comes next, only Ponta doesn’t want to believe or understand. Now I am thinking that, after he forced his MPs to a continuous boycott, he can come back home. Mostly since the parliamentary session has ended. But as they say: there is always room for an extraordinary session. I am thanking all my parliamentarian


Plumb: PSD has nothing to explain about its vote


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has nothing to explain about its vote on the nomination to the directorship of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), PSD acting national leader Rovana Plumb (photo) said Wednesday, adding that those who recommended Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu to head SIE and enjoyed his election should provide explanations.

”We believe PSD has nothing to explain about its vote on the nomination of the director of SIE. We stack to our decision, because PSD is consistent and coherent in its political action. Who should explain themselves are those who recommended and yesterday enjoyed his election. Mr President Klaus Iohannis came up with the proposal in a manner that reminded us of the former president; the new Democratic Liberal Party, starting with co-chair Alina Gorghiu yesterday was as glad as when former prime minister Emil Boc was voted in. Good luck to theme with explaining to the citizens that this is another kind of doing politics, different from that of the former president,” Plumb said in a press statement.

The PSD MPs were absent from the Tuesday’s plenary session of Parliament that voted Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu in the office of SIE. Only two PSD MPs – Vasile Popeanga and Florian Nicolae attended.

Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu on Tuesday was voted in office, 278 to six, out of 284 valid votes.


“Coalition works very well on governance matters”


The coalition works very well on governance matters and on the citizens’ interest agenda, Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim chairperson Rovana Plumb said on Wednesday.

“Collaboration in the ruling coalition works very well on governance matters, on the citizens’ interest topics, jobs, fiscal policies, pensions, salaries, the reduction in the medicine prices and the orientation of the economic growth welfare to the citizens,” Rovana Plumb told a press conference.

When asked when Prime Minister Victor Ponta was going to come back to Romania, she showed that only the doctors can decide upon this matter.


“Governing coalition to keep functioning till Nov. 2016”


The governing coalition will keep being functioning till November 2016, but the leadership of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) considers the National Liberal Party (PNL) no longer exists at this moment, as it has become the “servant” of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), the Social Democrat acting president Rovana Plumb said on Tuesday.

“The Government will keep on doing the same thing as up until now, namely prove its efficiency. There will, of course, be co-working in the coalition. The coalition is functioning, but of course when [PSD] President Victor Ponta comes, we will have a discussion in the coalition, so that by November 2016 there might be coherence in our political actions. Categorically, the coalition will keep functioning till November 2016”, Plumb told Antena 3 news channel.

In remarks on the PSD’s former allies, the Liberals, Plumb said, “What is annoying and regrettable is the manner in which the PNL behaved, firstly by abandoning the governing programme, for which they made it to Parliament by the Romanians’ vote, for the fact they supported so much and with perseverance this candidacy and this nomination in the person of a clear representative of the [Traian] Basescu regime. From our viewpoint, from my viewpoint, the National Liberal Party no longer exists at this moment, it has become the servant of the Democratic Liberal Party. (…) I could call it nothing else than the new PDL. However, I want to hail the position of [former Liberal leader] Crin Antonescu, who remains a symbol of Liberalism”.

She underscored the PSD was not in dissolution, since it was a united party.

“The PSD went through very many situations in which we proved we are united and in agreement inside the party and we measure up to the challenges”, Plumb said.


PSD’s Dragnea: Ungureanu’s statement that SIE will make laws is surprising and serious


Liviu Dragnea, Social Democratic Party (PSD) political coordinator in Bacau on Wednesday said that Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s statement that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) will make laws after he gets there is surprising and very serious.

“It is unacceptable to maintain such a thing in the conditions in which, constitutionally, in Romania the laws are adopted by Parliament, not SIE. But we hope it was a slip, an effusion caused by very much adrenaline, probably generated by the emotions of his being appointed,” Liviu Dragnea said, after a meeting of the Executive Committee of the PSD County Organisation.

The new SIE director, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, had said on Tuesday in front of the joint Parliament plenary sitting that the law package on national safety needed to be rethought and that he wanted the change of the “damaging perception” that affects the special services. “A legislative framework is needed, a new culture of the security matters, covering the knowledge gaps between the professional community and the overall Romanian society,” Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was saying.

When asked about governance, Liviu Dragnea showed himself optimistic about the continuation of the Government’s activity in the current formula, but added “in the circumstances in which we don’t wake up with the censure motion about the national interest.”

The PSD political coordinator also mentioned he had spoken to Prime Minister Victor Ponta about the medical recovery. “I have even spoken today with Mr Ponta, he was undergoing a recovery procedure. He is getting better, but he doesn’t know either how long he has to stay. He understood that a doctor committee will tell him these days when he can come back home,” Liviu Dragnea showed.

Moreover, he announced that “the Government will soon make a budget revision.” “There will be amounts allotted to the mayoralties which through the state budget law have not received the money from the previous years. The differences will be adjusted now. Moreover, a supplementing for investments from the initial allotments is in view, mainly for the completion of road and healthcare infrastructure works,” Liviu Dragnea also pointed out.


SocDem Institute: PSD once again proves consistency, fairness in relation with voters


The Social Democrat Party (PSD) “once again proved consistency and fairness” in the relation with the citizens and its voters and “responsibility for the pledges it made”, says a release of Ovidiu Sincai Social Democrat Institute on Wednesday, according to Agerpres.

“Even though the result of the vote in the joint sitting of the two chambers [of Parliament] on President Klaus Iohannis’ groundless nomination of Mr Mihai Razvan Ungureanu for director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) generated a result in disagreement with the political viewpoint supported by the PSD, we consider the Social Democrat Party’s position consistently and transparently respected the voters’ agenda and the pledges made to the citizen! The PSD firmly supported its viewpoint with arguments as to why it cannot approve Ungureanu’s nomination for SIE chief. In order to support this viewpoint, it used all the democratic instruments it had available very correctly”, the Institute said.

It argued that one of the basic institutions of the Romanian state, namely the Foreign Intelligence Service “deserves a civil leader that should be able to fully, fairly and impartially represent it, the more so now, in a difficult and challenging geopolitical and security context”.

The Institute adds that “it was proved once again” that the PSD is “a united party, a stable party, in full internal agreement that acts according to the mandate having been given it by the citizens at the elections”.

“Continuing the good governing is the priority of the Social Democrat Party and the commitment made by the PSD in this respect was seen by the Parliament’s adoption of crucial laws for the population’s welfare”, the Institute stressed



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