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May 8, 2021

The „Metal Gods”, back in Bucharest to „redeem the souls” of the Romanian audience

British group Judas Priest returns to Bucharest   on July 1, in the new world tour promoting their album “Redeemer of Souls” launched last year after a recording break of six years.

For their show at Romexpo, Rob Halford (vocals), Glenn Tipton (guitars), Ian Hill (bass), Scott Travis (drums) and the newest member of the band Richie Faulkner (guitars) will perform songs off their latest album, as well as the well-known “Metal Gods”, “Painkiller”, “Love bites”, “Hell bent for leather”, “Turbo lover”  and obviously, the highly awaited “Breaking the law”.

“Forty years later, we’re still making what we feel is some of the best metal of the genre from Priest. So, that was where the attention was to make a record that embodies everything that you love as a Priest fan, and everything that you love about classic metal. So, it was that and it was also the word relentless — let’s keep it relentless, let’s not take any steps back”, said Rob Halford for Full Metal Jackie’s radio.

„Let’s face it, we don’t need to make another record. We’ve made sixteen of them, we have hundreds of songs. But you can’t stop the power of metal, and if you’re a writer or a creative person like we are in Priest, collectively, why put the fire out if it’s roaring? If anything, we threw kerosene on it and it just exploded even more for ‘Redeemer of Souls.”, also said the voice of Judas Priest.

„It’s been a real labor of love, putting together the ‘Redeemer of Souls’ album. To prove to ourselves that we can still do this, and I’m sure our fans want to see and hear that as well. We love going out and playing all the Priest classics, ‘Breaking the Law,’ ‘Living after Midnight,’ ‘(You’ve Got) Another Thing Coming,’ ‘The Hellion’/’Electric Eye,’ ‘Beyond the Realms of Death,’ all of these and many more, but we’re equally as thrilled now there’s an opportunity coming to share some of these new songs, as we consider going out on the road one more time.”, the frontman admitted.

“Redeemer of Souls”, the 17th Judas Priest album, was launched last summer and festured Richie Faulkner’s studio debut.

Judas Priest broke through in 1974 with their debut album “Rocka Holla”. The British artists wrote heavy metal history with albums such as “British Steel” (1980), “Screaming for Vengeance” (1982) and “Painkiller” (1980).


Helloween grants the warm up


One of Germany’s hottest metal export products, besides The Scorpions and Accept, Helloween was founded three decades ago, completed eleven world tours, as headliners, performed a sensational show at Monsters Of Rock Festival, at Castle Donington, in front of over 100,000 metal fans gathered from all over the world, attended impressive tours besides Iron Maiden, Dio and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour in the US with Anthrax and Exodus. They sold over five million copies of their albums worldwide, they won 14 golden records and six platinum records globally (including two golden records in Germany.) It is not an overstatement to say that, without Helloween, contemporary bands such as Edguy, Sonata Arctica or Blind Guardian would not have appeared.

The evening will be opened by Romanian band 9.7 Richter, one of the few promoters of the modern heavy metal genre in Romania.


Five things you don’t know about Judas Priest


1 – 45 years. It is the time Judas Priest needed to release an album that would break into the US Top 10. “Redeemer of Souls” is making waves among critics and fans alike. The previous Judas Priest album that was a major success in the US was  “Screaming For Vengeance” (1982), that spent over 53 weeks in Billboard Charts (winning a Golden Record in October 1982, a Platinum Record in April 1983 and a Double Platinum Record in October 2001)

2 – The Gods of heavy metal also inspired Romanian poets. Adrian Paunescu, one of the most prolific authors of the previous century, mentioned them in the poem   “Marele Surdomut (The Great Deaf-Mute)” (“I miss you and I am said / I sometimes listen to Rush and sometimes to Judas Priest”)

3 – EUR 750,000, the value of the entire lot of Romanian cars owned by the Chamber of Deputies in Romania, was the cost of the historical process in 1985, when teenagers James Vance and Raymond Belknap tried to commit suicide. The first survived, the second died after having shot himself lethally. Their families were convinced that the boys were determined to attempt suicide by the song “Better by You, Better Than Me” that included the subliminal message “Do It!” and demanded compensation of over USD 6 million. The judges overruled the request out of lack of evidence.

4 – There are 28 famous covers of “Breaking The Law”, the hymn of angry young man worldwide, featured on the outsianding album “British Steel”, launched in 1980. Some of the most famous bands seduced by the illegal riffs are Therapy?, Motörhead and Hammerfall.

5 – USD was the price of a hot dog named Judas Priest Turbo Dog, created by a fast food restaurant in Austin, which launched it at a festival headlined by the British metal legend. The hot dog had only one buyer.






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